LEARNING to live Life intentionally, with purpose, is an ART.  Join my friends and I on this faith filled adventure as we pursue to DREAM God’s Dreams. Learning how to push thru our own personal fear and misgivings to put those God Dreams in action. To be the 'more than' that Jesus Christ / Yeshua spoke about!  

THE goal is to be Influencers and ambassadors. To boldly be the hands and feet of Yeshua and walk out life as the Acts Church. To be a disciple and to make disciples by living life as an example while doing life together. To know He “Speaks2me” is our anthem.

While many have grown passive in their expression of faith, God is awakening a remnant of believers who want more and are willing to risk everything to find the “more” personally and in the marketplace.

The fruit of following Him is to be an example of excellence in creativity thru entrepreneurship, inventions, art, life, ministry and more. These are our goals! Colossians 3:23,24.


The U.S. Base is a small office space located in a historic Art Deco building named “HERITAGE HALL”.

  • We harness the power of social media in one room by creating content, photography and videos to create not only a entrepreneurial following but also a platform to share the gospel!

  • The ‘Gathering Room’ is the heart! We work on our foundation and our identity in Christ so that we can fully grow to be all we are created to be! From creators and inventors in the marketplace and ministry to entrepreneurs and beyond!

  • A third room where we Soak and Paint. “Soak and Paint” is a time of meditating on the Lord to hear His voice. We then paint prophetically; individually or as a group as a means to connecting in a new and exciting way to hear God.

  • Historic City Counsel Chamber- a room with tall ceilings and carved pews. Stately and grand! We are amazed to be able to host nights of worship, guest speakers and conferences in this amazing room! This room shows that God’s desires for us is bigger then what any of us could have imagined!

NEWLY based in Hamilton, Ohio (Greater Cincinnati area) and intertwined with San Diego while being BOUND with the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel, Armenia and parts of Europe. A thread runs thru this tapestry full of mystery and intrigue that knits all these areas together!

May journeys and stories of both ADVENTURE and MISHAPS encourage you to live a life of intentional boldness to harness the NOW.


May we learn to live life wholly and joyfully


to pursue not only our




it's an ART!


 “A prophetic warrior with the heart of the Father, Mary Kristi carries the fragrance of God wherever she travels. You will love her personal stories of childlike faith as shares her walk with the Lord. You will also be encouraged as she teaches the Word of God in simple everyday ways to inspire lives. In fact, I guarantee that if you invite Mary Kristi to speak and pray at your next event, get ready to be transformed. Like Esther, prepare yourself for an intimate encounter with the King. Expect to experience His extravagant love and deep desire to heal and do miracles. And run with her as she runs to our King of Kings—JESUS!”

Barbara Koob, Dream with God Ministries, Speaker and Author of Dream Discoveries, Globetrotting Intercessor and Missionary