...was born and raised in Bethany, Ohio.  She is currently residing someplace between the United States, Europe and the Middle East.  Mary Kristi is a sojourner at heart! 

After many years of working in corporate America and in the state of 'having it all' ... she found herself at the end of the day disconnected from who she really was created to be.  Even tho largely successful in the aerospace industry she found that her heart was hungry for a deeper connection with God, family, friends ... herself.

At some point in this journey ... she told God "I want more, I want what you have for me.. but I can't do this on my own.. I'm scared."  Mary Kristi gave God full reign to change her life.. and if that meant giving up her career then that's what she wanted to do.   She gave Him permission to take the job from her because she was afraid to do this on her own... HOW COULD a SINGLE WOMAN take care of herself??  

This is the beginning of a glorious adventure ... full of mystery, pain, heartache, JOY and LOVE .. a colorful existence.. not perfect but surrendered.. in love with her maker and in love with the journey from her home in Greater Cincinnati area to Jerusalem and beyond.

These personal struggles and triumphs have fueled her passion to be a voice of hope and healing to this generation. She has won victories and has lost many battles but this she knows, “WE MUST NOT SHRINK BACK, but stand firm and be connected and in a position at HIS FEET.”

Mary Kristi is a Revivalist first and foremost! She is a personal and business coach, public speaker, writer, fine artist: painter and photographer.   This site explores those areas as she opens her heart and tries to become transparent in this journey .. the art of wholly and intentionally living!  

Speaks2me was born on one December morning.. after a client and dear friend received a painting she purchased.  When she called she said "It Speaks to Me" ... and it seemed that after that moment it was a phrase that accompanied most of all of her work, regardless of what form it had taken: written, photography, paint ... or a simple prayer.   She knew then that the Lord was leading her to do something with SPEAKS2ME .............    She hopes the contents of the following pages ... SPEAKS to you! 

During her extensive travels Mary Kristi uses her gifts and talents to raise awareness and create projects that will help fund and support the needs of those needing a helping hand.

"The Israel Project" is one such project!

"I AM a TENT MAKER, a CANVAS PAINTER and a HOPE DEALER. I am looking for PARTNERS. Could that be YOU?" ...Mary Kristi


Photography courtesy of Judith Schmidt