Dreaming God sized Dreams...


Dreaming God sized Dreams...

a cool fall day. The leaves were whirling on the ground as they drifted from the tree tops. Dreaming God’s Dreams… and strolling thru the streets on a treasure hunt, for God’s treasures that have been hidden for oh so long!

Just weeks after landing back in Cincinnati I can count and recount miracles that have happened of provision and God’s lavish love towards me. Even tho I landed here with a carryon of belongings the things I needed quickly seem to effortlessly find their way to me.

Effortlessly, may seem like an understatement because I was believing, praying, looking, seeking, waiting and trying to calm my fears involved. But I digress… because I truly want to jump ahead in the story.

As I walked thru the streets of Hamilton I felt God’s heart quickening mine with each step. I boldly asked Him. “Lord, I want to dream your dreams that everyone else has shrunk back from.” “I want to dream things that you want birthed here.. I’ll partner with you in the doing!”

Something that day started to well up inside of me. Something unexplainable.. a feeling of anticipation. Feeling of something amazing was about to be given birth too.

A few weeks later, I was once again on a treasure hunt with God. I walked from one building to the next greeting people and loving on those around me. Engaging with those that seemed forgotten.. or lost. A gentleman pointed towards a building across the street… “There is a museum over there.. go in .. take a look. I think you will find it interesting it’s Free! ” He had me at ‘FREE”.

As I crossed the street …. I was excited. It was always a building I admired growing up. It was always mysterious to me. It always, strangely beckoned. Excited.. I crossed the street and looked up for the first time to notice the name on the building “Heritage Hall”. Quickly I heard Isiaha 53. “I’ve been cut off from the land of the living..” I quickly replied, “Yes God. Boy, that’s deep.” I continued on. I walked into the building and again I heard a small voice “It’s time to redeem My Heritage”.

An gentleman sat at a little table eating sandwich and the smell of the lunchmeat filled the air. “Hi there! Are you here to visit the museum?” I smiled and walked past him. Quickly going thru the small room of artwork of a local hero … I walked out. “Are you looking for something? Are you looking for an office space?”

“YES”. Shocked the word came out of my mouth. He pointed towards a long hallway. “Go down there… someone should help you. They can be rude but they should help you”

Unexpectantly and unexplainably I said “YES” to something way bigger then me. Something I never dreamt about or even had a desire for… but I guess this is how … it all starts.

With a YES.


Beaten, Bruised and Soul-less


Beaten, Bruised and Soul-less

Beaten, Bruised and soul-less

I was walking thru the streets of Hamilton one chilly morning into late afternoon praying, watching and exploring.

 I found myself in front of the Presbyterian Church staring at a bronze statue of Jesus sitting with a child on His lap.   I was trying to remember the scripture reference... something like 'whoever receives this child in MY NAME'?  I couldn't remember. 

My thoughts were interrupted by a young woman walking towards me.  Her arms crossed in front of her chest trying to stay warm as she was barefoot and in shorts and light shirt.  As she approached I could see she had been beaten.  The remnants of a black eye.  Arms and legs covered with bruises.   I said "Hello and offered a smile".  

"Hi, I'm sorry but can I ask a favor of you?  May I use your phone I need to call my daddy to come get me."   

I HESITATED.   You see I've been phone-less for months and I had a new phone in my hand and thought she could possibly run away with it.  Then I felt a 'mothers guilt' and said "of course". 

I stood there and listened to her leave a voice mail.  She then called her mother to tell her she was out of jail. 


I drove her from Hamilton to Oxford.  I was able to share the love of Jesus with her, feed her, comfort her and just listen as she wanted to share her life experiences.

Before she got out of the car I led her in the prayer of Salvation to accept Jesus into her heart. Her face lite up!

She started to walk away but I stopped her. I held her hand as I slid my feet out of my new shoes and asked her to try them on.  They fit... and she smiled, wiped the tears from her eyes .. and walked away. 

IN THIS ... THE MIRACLES were for ME!  1) I was driving a car that someone had let me borrow.  2) I had money to purchase her food and put gas in the car!  3) I had NEW SHOES 4) God allowed me to be in the right place at the RIGHT TIME to LOVE on ONE OF HIS CHILDREN  ((right in front of the statue)). 

HE chose me .. and he chooses YOU to do the same thing!   Don't miss your miracle today - - 


"What's your name?"


"What's your name?"

When I was a little girl everyone called me Kristi.  In fact, they did so from the time that I was born even tho my given name is Mary Kristi.   This never seemed to be a problem for my parents until I turned five years old and went to Kindergarten. 

I can vividly remember walking into the classroom with 20 or so other nervous little people.  Our names were called and we were shown to a seat.  At some point the teacher called out the name "MARY" .. I didn't budge.  She said the name several times.  Eventually she said my surname.  I raised my hand.  She said "Honey, go home and ask your parents your whole name because apparently you don't even know your name!".  This is how my love for school started.  


WHAT's in a name?  What's in your heritage?  These are places that strength comes from .. building blocks. 


I had a dream one night not too long ago.  I actually could see myself standing outside of the dream looking in.  I stood in the throne room of God.  It was huge and expansive.  LIGHT filled the open space.. and I could make out the bottom of what I knew to be a throne.  Insticintively knowing I was standing before God.  

I was small, so very small in His presence.  All I could see was light and the outline of the bottom of the throne.  I stood there looking up. 

I heard a booming voice say "What's your name?"  I replied, "Mary Kristi".  He said, "NO.  What's your name?"  Again I said, "Mary Kristi".  

"NO" he said for a second time.  "What's your name" He demanded".  

Agitated and becoming angry I yelled in defiance, "I AM Mary Kristi!" 

HE said, "YES!"  

He then asked, "What's my name?" 

I replied, "You are Abba Father, God Almighty, Jehovah, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty"

He said "YES, who am I in Exodus?" 

I could see myself looking up as if I were looking into file cabinets stored inside my head.  Patiently He waited.  I replied hesitantly not knowing for sure the answer ..shyly I replied "I AM, you are I AM in Exodus." 

He said, "YES!  You see you are marked with my name!  When you enter a room and you announce yourself as I AM MARY KRISTI, I go before you!  I AM the way maker, the chain breaker the great I AM! Demons have to flee, dead has to rise, eyes have to open because I AM goes before you! I AM goes behind you!  It is not YOU that does the miracles but it is I AM" 

I woke up from that dream knowing I had been in the throne room of God.  Knowing that the enemy from the time I was a child tried to destroy my identity! 

You see.. when we start to learn of our IDENTITY in CHRIST/Yeshua and we walk in the promises of God knowing that HE goes before US in all that we do and that we are HIS children we start to carry ourselves differently.  We start to believe that we can do what HE has called us to do because the power comes from the GREAT I AM who goes before us! 

I AM .. Mary Kristi 

Who are YOU? 


Manna from Heaven (literally)


Manna from Heaven (literally)

This past Friday I walked to the market to do some last minute shopping prior to the vendors closing for Shabbat.  Several times it crossed my mind to purchase Challah bread so that we could open Shabbat with communion. I didn't.  

The sun started to set and Shabbat horns blew across Israel.  We sat down starved and ready to eat.  We didn't pray.. we didn't recognize Shabbat.. we just dug in and ate.  Part way thru the meal I noticed I hadn't lite the candles, this is customary for the woman of the home to do to welcome Father God into the home.  I had an aching feeling inside of me as Holy Spirit tried to talk to me encouraging me to open Shabbat properly from then on.  I brushed the thought to the side thinking it was just me guilting my christian self into doing something that wasn't my normal. 

Dinner progressed .. the thought of communion kept coming to mind.  Finally we finished and we cleared the table.  We stood outside on the small patio of the Old City of Jerusalem on the warm night.  The little area of town was silent.  My friend was preparing to go on a walk and we were standing there talking when suddenly... out of no where .. SOMETHING FELL STRAIGHT DOWN FROM THE SKY AND HIT ME ON THE HEAD AND BOUNCED TO THE GROUND! 

I looked in all directions. NO ONE was to be seen or heard.  I looked at Veronica and we bent down and picked the object up.  IT WAS A PIECE OF BREAD!  There is no way someone could have thrown a piece of bread the size of the palm of my hand at me and hit me... it's just too lite! 

Veronica turned to me and laughed.  She said, "WOW, when God wants to make a point with you HE SURELY makes it clear!  I guess we are having BREAD with next Shabbat!"  She shook her head as she walked out the door "I wouldn't believe it if I had not seen it myself, wallah!"

It is so very important for me to entertain and welcome Father God into my home on Shabbat.  To do it from Friday at dusk until Saturday at dusk per the Old Testament.  It was ordained and given by GOD and HE didn't change the day!! 

WELCOME HIM.. invite HIM into your home and to a place at your table.  PREPARE for HIM .. 




Pushback, change of plans, silence in a dream of a Coffee Shop


Pushback, change of plans, silence in a dream of a Coffee Shop

I landed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for  a weekend of speaking engagements.   I received a text from the organizer of the events as soon as I turned on my phone.  Brenda was alerting me that someone was in the area to pick me up and would meet me at baggage claim.  A few minutes later I received a message from the family coming to pick me up.   "We are about 15 minutes away from the airport, we will see you soon!"  

I retrieved my baggage and in that moment  I receive another text from the young woman that was on her way to pick me up.  "I am sorry, but we seem to have a problem, our car is overheating and we've called a tow truck.  We are trying to find someone to come pick you up."  She was so very apologetic!  I assured her that I would be fine and it was no rush that I had things to work on.  Yet she was plainly worried that it could take a few hours for arrangements to be made!  Little did she know I am an expert airport dweller and hanging out in the little coffee shop in Sioux Falls, South Dakota didn't seem all that dangerous or daunting!  I calmed her anxiety telling her I'd be fine, not to worry! 

A few minutest later I receive a text from my friend Brenda.  She and her friend Kendra are hosting the women's meetings together.  Brenda informed me Kendra was in the HOSPITAL being checked for a heart problem and would be staying all night undergoing tests. 

A few hours later Brenda arrived in Sioux Falls to pick me up and take me to Sibley. She had closed her coffee shop early to come fetch me.  We throw my suitcases in the back of the truck and then I climb in.  She looks at me and asked if I had looked at the updated 'weather forecast'.  I said "No, no I haven't.  What's happening?". 

She looks at me with a grin on her face and said bluntly "Snowstorm" on Saturday the day of the big event.  There is a snowstorm!  Can you believe it?  First the car, then Kendra and now a snowstorm!"  We both laugh because we have always know that we can make plans but God will take a hold of them and do with them as HE wishes.  

We swing by Applebees and pick up the young family that had been enroute to pick me up.  Their car had been towed and they needed a ride back home! 

The trip was already full of Pushback!  We knew that because of the amount of pushback we were receiving it was indication we were headed towards an AMAZING WEEKEND full of God's plans and not ours! 

Brenda apologized that she had been so busy during the week and wanted to host me at her home.. but instead they were going to put me in an apartment above the coffee shop.  We walked up the stairs and I was so delighted! A big, bright kitchen with huge windows.  It flowed into a small living room.  A huge bathroom and two bedrooms.  The master bedroom has a big comfy bed!!  

I was so excited!!!  

The next day we started at 9:30am speaking with a group of women... and it rolled on to after lunch.  Then the ladies husbands and families started to arrive.  Before you know it the clock was blinking after 6:00pm!  Exhausted! But what an amazing day it had been! 

I took a bath and went to bed by 10pm.  Just before I closed my eyes I was alerted that the United States had bombed Syria with the aid of France and Britian.  I prayed and snuggled up on the most comfortable bed... and woke up shortly after to the sound of hail on the windows.. and the wind picking up.  

When I climbed out of bed a few hours later ice covered the windows giving the appearance of stained glass as the street lamps glow flickered thru.  I ran downstairs to see the snow picking up.  I received a call from Brenda.  "We are closing the coffee house for the day and the event is cancelled. What would you like to do?"    I knew exactly what I wanted to do... rest, read, sip coffee in an empty coffee house and prepare for Sunday!  

It seems that the local church has requested I come and preach Sunday morning!! This was not planned.  Then we moved the women's event to Sunday night and now it's become a 'family' event... because the guys in town want to join in. 

But right now in this very moment .. I am sitting in the most beautiful coffee house, The Lantern, and I am sipping hot tea and watching the snowstorm blow by the long narrow windows.  I sit at a long farm table near the back.  Loving each groan of the old building as the wind gusts.  Admiring the way the light dances on the exposed brick and the wood floors moan when you walk upon them.   The Lantern, a place where light glows from!! I am sure that this beautiful place fills those that come in full of good coffee, wonderful pastries and LOVE! 

I'm thankful for the people that God has put in my life and we are partnering in doing something AMAZING!

 I am also thankful that HE gives me things that completely delight me... like that ONE TIME I SPENT A SNOWSTORM IN A COFFEE SHOP ALLLLLLL ALONE PRETENDING I AM A BARISTA! 


What? I'm a SPEAKER?


What? I'm a SPEAKER?

I have somehow become a public speaker?  What?!   

I’ve always had the gift of gab and have walked in it from the time that I was a child.  In fact, in primary school it was often noted that I had OUTSTANDING oratory skills.  My grade cards were a prime example as it  often stated:  “TALKS TOO MUCH”.   Who knew? 

How did it all begin? I look back and for the longest time I’ve thought about it, or dreamt about it, but never pursued it.   Often people would say, “You should be a life coach or a event speaker and share your ‘encouragement’.    I never pursued it.  However, God’s plans are often much different than my own.  

I don’t have a ‘fear’ of public speaking as I’ve spoken to hundreds while working in Corporate America but this is different. In the past people were looking for my business expertise or ground breaking products from the company I represented.  

Today I speak on something I am personally passionate about and the ‘company’ I represent is the Kingdom of God and my employer is God Himself. Even writing this kinda freaks me out! Still a little bit befuddled why would HE want to use ME of all people?  

WHY does the thought of going and speaking for a group event or in front of a church feel so surreal? It shouldn’t because I’ve also spoken life into this… I’ve dreamt about it .. and even when I was a little girl all of five years old I would practice.  I would line up my stuffed animals all across my bedroom and share the gospel and tell them… “HURRY, JESUS IS COMING BACK’. 

I guess from the time I was a little girl, God had weaved into my DNA HIS desire for me to stand before a crowd sharing WHO HE IS … for the KINGDOM.   I’m glad HE put it back in front of me (literally) … the path that had somehow become crooked and away from HIS original desire for my life.  THEN SUDDENLY!! after all these years the opportunity was right in front of me and a door opened. I stepped thru!    

I'm on a plane heading to South Dakota and then to Iowa... to SPEAK!  

Could it be .. that again .. the words “Created for a time such as this!” apply to you and to me?   

Let’s DREAM WITH GOD and allow HIM to breath LIFE BACK into who we are CREATED to BE! 


Life Changing Prayer


Life Changing Prayer

I lay upon my bed and toss and turn, picking up my well worn Bible and journal.  I turn the pages revisiting my scribbles that laden the pages much more like a puzzle then anything orderly.  Each scribble reminds me of a story, a moment, a person.   

Israel is on my mind and heart and I pray for those that I love there.  Recounting their names and their needs.  Praying asking the Lord exactly what to intercede for each person.  

A young woman that I barely know keeps coming to mind.  Each time I feel prompted to pray for her a new instrument.   I often wonder why? The instrument she has seems to be a nice one.. a good sound, pretty in her hand.  Yet the Lord presses me to pray for her something more, something exceptional something spectacular.  So I do.  I pray for her for "MORE THAN" she could ever ask for or possibly dream of! 

After several days I posted on FACEBOOK that I was looking for a violin for a 5th year student that lives in the Old City of Jerusalem.  I was requesting something nice, really nice!  Within an hour I had one person offer a beginner violin which wouldn't be suitable.  Then another hit on the thread!  A friend's cousin is friends with a violin maker named Paul.  It would be a long shot but Jessa was going to reach out and see if she could make a connection for me! She DID! 

Next thing I know I am speaking with Jan, the wife of the owner of "The Baroque Violin Shop".  She asked a few questions and I answered as best as I could.  She then invited me to come visit her husband, Paul, at the shop within the next couple of days.   She said that he'd be happy to find something for the young woman.  

Jan shared with me then that her husband, Paul, was suffering from stage 4 Renal cancer.  I asked if it would be okay with her and him if I prayed for him when I came to the shop.  She quickly replied "YES". 

I arrived two days later to The Baroque Violin Shop.  A beautiful historic home that had been refurbished with great care acted as a 'museum' and office space. Lovely wooden floors and hand stenciling on the walls was an exquisite backdrop for the instruments.  Attention to detail everywhere you looked!   

I was then escorted over to the actual shop where all the magic was happening.  After going thru bolted doors we found Paul tucked away in an area working on an instrument.  He said a quick "Hello" and cut to the chase asking to see a video of the young lady playing.   

He arose from his seat and walked to a back room where violins lined the wall.  Antique cabinets and chairs with instruments and music stands.  He shouts out to someone in the shop calling for a specific violin.  It was quickly brought into the room.  He selects a bow from the wall and begins to tune the instrument.  He plays something he must have played a thousand times... slowly then quickly.. high and low ...  He smiles as he looks into the camera "She speaks fast and quick, clear and beautiful" and he sets it down into a case that had been brought into the room.   He gathered a few other essentials and tucked them into the case.  Approximately $5500.00 worth of instrument.   

I was SPEECHLESS.  Literally! 

"This instrument will change her life", he says matter of factly.  He then opens another case and picks up a beautiful instrument.  "This is a Strata-various 1860".  He sits upon the chair and plays.  The sound deep and rich.  The music filled the room.  

Heaven, this must be the sound of heaven I thought. 

He took a deep breath and returned the instrument to it's cast and gently closed it.  I asked, "Can I pray for you?"   "Yes" he said and sat back down.   I prayed. 

He quickly gets up from his chair and dismisses himself but before he could turn to walk away from me I asked that awkward question. "May I have a hug?"   He turned towards me and hugged me and gave a gentle squeeze before he quickly turned and walked away.  

GONE. Quickly.  He gave me something that would change someones world then abrubptly  walked away as if it was 'nothing'. 

"This instrument will change her life." 

Just as I believed in an instrument for her I am going to believe in healing for Mr. Paul.  

I am forever thankful for his generosity. I am profoundly touched.  I am honored that God would allow me to be a small part of bringing two people together.  One with a need the other willing to fulfill it - never meeting.   

You see later I find out that the young woman has received the honor to represent Israel playing in Washington, DC in August.  God knew her need and her heart. 

Together, Mr. Paul and my dear sweet, young friend will partner in filling the heavens full of beautiful music. More then that the instrument will be used to worship God from the ancient city of Old Jerusalem.  

This is a miracle... 

Forever thankful! 

#The Baroque Violin Shop 


Are Dreams and cries of the heart .. PRAYER?


Are Dreams and cries of the heart .. PRAYER?

Have you ever allowed yourself to build dreams in your head and heart?   Big dreams, small dreams, aspirations of all kinds and sorts? 

I have!! I am a day dreamer and hope builder spurring myself onto a new tomorrow or a better today!  Some days I create businesses in my head and try to put them to paper.  Other days I build a home and fill it full of old treasures, new finds and beautiful art.   There is always a huge bathroom with a tub to soak in... and a giant kitchen to gather around the cooking island to tell stories, dance and sing as we prepare the evening meal.  

Then .. we fill the giant farm table with glorious food and the room is aglow with smiles and laughter. 

You see one of my dreams for myself was always to have a giant farm table,  something with history and character.  Something that I found and lovingly restored and refurbished back to a deepening beauty .. not of new but better! 

As you know. I am a bit of a sojourner and I find home wherever I am and fill it with whatever and  whomever the Lord allows.  Those dreams that I create in my head and heart never diminish or go unheard from God.  They are at times a cry from my heart for hearth and home... always associated with a SAFE PLACE to land for me and .. you. 

GOD HEARS those dreams and I think they move HIS heart.  In fact, I more often think now that all my heart is in CONSTANT COMMUNICATION with God.. and it is a form of Prayer.  IN fact, I know it is...  

First John 5:15 “And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him.”

Back to the table.  This summer I was in Germany and had the opportunity to stay with some amazing people that I love like family.  I found myself excited to go thru their Grannies barn and search for treasures!!! One treasure was a farm table... with a wonderful history all it's own!   Covered in dirt, dust and grim it somehow had avoided being sent to the dump or burned up.  Grannie is a no nonsense girl!  

Fast forward.. I had the opportunity to not only refurbish and refinish the table .. but to do several projects for the family.  

One night I went to bed exhausted... and well pleased at the days work and as I settled in for the night I realized I was lovingly refinishing the table.  Refinishing it the way I would for myself with great care and detail.   Praying over it and asking the Lord to fill it full of goodness and surround it with friends and family. 

It STRUCK ME then... that maybe this will be the only farm table I have the opportunity to refurbish.  Maybe this is MY DREAM coming true but for someone else? I became sad for a brief moment thinking maybe I will never have my own table with it's own stories.  Maybe, just maybe time in this life is short - - and God might have something totally different for me -- YET, YET .. HE had heard my cry for a sweet farm table to be a part of my own story. 

So here it is .. an answered prayer.  Not answered the way I had dreamed of (for myself) but answered nonetheless in a glorious way! 

HE loves me and heard my cry.  He loves me allowed me the experience. He loves me and allowed me to sit around the table filled with Mexican food.  He loves me and filled the table with laughter and stories ....  He loves me and allowed me to experience THANKSGIVING around the table in Germany in September!! 






I walked over the bridge and past the wall that was covered with razor wire.  Down a lane flanked by thick trees on either side.  It was a cool, grey day. 

Guard towers to the right, birds chirping and a cool breeze.  The sign just prior to crossing told of a story of how prisoners were brought to Barrack X to be able to take a shower.  I am sure they were excited as they approached the bridge.

If any of them couldn't keep up with the group they would be shot.  In fact, more often then not the soldiers would do something to keep one behind just so he could shoot him.  Why?  In shooting a slow prisoner and keeping the lines efficient meant that the soldier would receive a bonus in their paycheck.  Bonus.

As we passed the clearing there was a building to the left and one directly in front of us.  Red brick with a tile roof.  I entered the first door. The room had windows and light streamed in and yet a sense of uneasiness started to come over me.  I stood in silence.   This had been a room where hundreds of bodies would have been staged prior to cremation.

The next room with several ovens where prisoners were hung (some to their death) and then cremated.. thousands.   I scarcely could take it all in. I stood still in that moment as if not to cause the ghosts from the past to flee.

The next room.  I stood in the doorway.  I didn't want to enter.  I hesitated and almost turned back around.  The door was greenish in color, heavy. It was a doorway to a room that was lined in masonry, golden in color.  Ironically, almost the same color as the streets of Jerusalem.  The floors slopped towards drains covered with heavy, large grates.  Over head were fixtures fitted with shower sprinklers.  

I entered the room and walked towards the center and once again I could sense the fear and sense the cries.   I knew this had to be a shower room where the prisoners had been gassed to death. 


I slowly left this room into a room where prisoners would have come and undressed to prepare for a shower.  Shower or Death?  I am sure that many knew what was beyond the door - how could they not? How could they not sense death or smell the putrid odor of burning flesh from the ovens? 

Humanity and pride stripped down to skin and bones.  Nothing but a number,  I wonder what were their last thoughts.  I wonder too what were the thoughts of those working in the camps, or had they grown cold hearted and just looked at those before them as less then a dog with no God, thought or opinions?  Non human .. 

In these steps that I've walked I ask myself over and over again what is it that God is trying to show me, teach me?  Is He trying to wake me up from my slumber to realize how easy it would be to repeat history?  How easy it is for humans to turn against each other?  How easy it is for propaganda to sway opinions of good people against their neighbors all for a little bread, a little money and false sense of security?    

Could it be that I am to learn and see that this could easily happen in the states?  

I see... I see the same evil machine at work ... the same type of propaganda in a slick machine spewing hatred and cloaking itself behind black masks and words spoken from faceless writers over the internet ... systematically discrediting people for even being human ... 

Who were the criminals in this place .. what atrocities had they committed? 

They were no different then you and I.  Professors, teachers, military, artist, comedian and gay.  People with voices and thoughts that went against the SS and Nazi, Germany and Hitler.   They were German, Polish, Russian... and then - came the JEW.

SILENCE .. to silence the opposition.  First take your voice then take your breath.. then wipe you clean off the face of the earth as if, as if you never existed.

IF we don't remember and walk through the halls of history .. we will surely fall into the same evil over and over and over again. 

Wake UP ...



Excited for a shower .... Dauchau Concentration Camp - Germany


Excited for a shower .... Dauchau Concentration Camp - Germany

"FINALLY, we get to take a shower!" and as they were herded outside of the gates into an area they had never been before, the shower house,... I am sure some could discern something was about to happen. Some were moved to the right ...beyond the trees along the perimeter of the camp ... others were taken inside into a room with no windows to prepare for the shower to strip from their clothes and the remaining dignity... A few stood immediately before furnaces that were blazing with fires. These furnaces were not meant to heat the water ... 

Gun shots went off in the distance but they hardly noticed ...because at the same time they were being told to strip ... then they noticed the soldiers hanging nooses on the hooks directly before the furnaces.

Then, told to stand upon the stool ... No use to struggle... too tired... the stool was kicked from below them. As soon as their body stopped twitching and death forcefully showered himself upon another victim, the body was removed and placed on the rack that was pushed into the fire.   

The soldiers work was not yet finished as bodies were piled up in the room just beyond the door... and bodies were being pulled in from the shooting range just beyond the trees... all in a days work.

Dauchau Concentration Camp - Germany 

Dauchau was the first of such places in Germany. It was meant for political dissidents - - people that had opinions other then those that agreed with the SS, Nazi Germany and Hitler. 

It later was also used for Jews. 

A MODEL of what would come in Poland. 

over 32000 died there ...



MO'ED - Divine Appointment


MO'ED - Divine Appointment

"MO'ED" - Divine Appointment 


August 21, 2017 we experienced the amazing 'Great American Eclipse'.  Many went out to marvel and experience the eclipse and celebrate.  I also, watched in wonder and awe as it took place.   The Torah warns that an eclipse is not of time of celebration but rather a 'WARNING to the Gentiles".  The position, length etc is also to be taken in great consideration of what the 'sign' is saying and to whom.

This was also the same day on the Jewish Calendar that ELUL - time of repentance and intimacy with God is called for as we approach Rosh Hashanah.  Rosh Hashanah is a Fall Feast that has yet to be fulfilled but many are looking to the skies as an amazing sign in the heavens are about to happen on September 23, 2017 the JEWISH calendar year 5777.

I've been in a time of study and prayer.  Learning from the time of the Great Reformation of the Church with Martin Luther (this makes the 500 year anniversary) and the people who laid down their lives to bring truth through the Word of God to the common people.  Many lost their lives as they were seen as rebels and heretics.  

I have also been studying one of my 'heroes', Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Bonhoeffer was a German pastor, theologian, spy, anti-Nazi dissident. Bonhoeffer was captured by the Nazi's and thrown into a concentration camp. After two years of imprisonment at a work camp Bonhoeffer was moved to Flossenburg concentration camp and he was hung to his death on April 9, 1945, ONE MONTH before the end of the WWII.

A decade later a camp doctor who witnessed Bonhoeffer's death said this:

     "The prisoners … were taken from their cells, and the verdicts of court martial read out to them. Through the half-open door in one room of the huts, I saw Pastor Bonhoeffer, before taking off his prison garb, kneeling on the floor praying fervently to his God. I was most deeply moved by the way this lovable man prayed, so devout and so certain that God heard his prayer. At the place of execution, he again said a prayer and then climbed the steps to the gallows, brave and composed. His death ensued in a few seconds. In the almost 50 years that I have worked as a doctor, I have hardly ever seen a man die so entirely submissive to the will of God."

During the two years of incarceration for his treason against Nazi-Germany he wrote letters and he ministered to those in the work camp and the extermination camp.  He allowed his JOY, that comes from his salvation impact even the prison guards. 

In one of his writings he said: 

Cheap grace is the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without church discipline, Communion without confession, absolution without personal confession. Cheap grace is grace without discipleship, grace without the cross, grace without Jesus Christ, living and incarnate.

Costly grace is the treasure hidden in the field; for the sake of it a man will go and sell all that he has. It is the pearl of great price to buy which the merchant will sell all his goods. It is the kingly rule of Christ, for whose sake a man will pluck out the eye which causes him to stumble; it is the call of Jesus Christ at which the disciple leaves his nets and follows him.

Costly grace is the gospel which must be sought again and again, the gift which must be asked for, the door at which a man must knock.

Such grace is costly because it calls us to follow, and it is grace because it calls us to follow Jesus Christ. It is costly because it costs a man his life, and it is grace because it gives a man the only true life. It is costly because it condemns sin, and grace because it justifies the sinner. Above all, it is costly because it cost God the life of his Son: "ye were bought at a price," and what has cost God much cannot be cheap for us. Above all, it is grace because God did not reckon his Son too dear a price to pay for our life, but delivered him up for us. Costly grace is the Incarnation of God.” 
― Dietrich BonhoefferThe Cost of Discipleship

In this time I look at the Western Church, the American church and the watered down gospel and the twisting of God's word being slung from the pulpits in an attempt of 'feel good, ear tickling' words are dowsed upon the congregants.  The church grows larger but the world grows darker?  

This is a sure indication of a problem, for we are the light! 

IF, we, you and I are faced with similar circumstances as Martin Luther and Deitrich Bonehoeffer would we be willing to give up our lives, even unto death?

That's the QUESTION:



Wedding Rings and hearing the Words "MY BELOVED"


Wedding Rings and hearing the Words "MY BELOVED"

Wedding Rings and hearing the Words "MY BELOVED"

I am still very much single but truly in love and satisfied in the life that the Lord has me in at this moment, even tho it is scarier then HECK 90% of the time! 

Wedding Rings?  Yes! As the Great American Eclipse starts to subside there is a burst of light they call the Engagement Ring and boy it was lovely to see!     OK, so what does the ECLIPSE have to do with anything?   

Did you know that it also fell on the BEGINNING OF ELUL on the Jewish calendar?   Elul is the Time of PREPARATION of 30 days of Reflection,Remembrance and REPENTANCE of Sin as they prepare for the Fall FEASTS of TRUMPETS. (remember that and I will tie it all together) .

ELUL (time of repentance) is an acrostic that stands for:  "I am MY BELOVED's and SHE is MINE".  

HE (GOD) is coming back for a spotless bride!  COULD IT BE that last night was a proposal to the American- CHRISTIAN CHURCH to WAKE UP, reflect, remember and REPENT?  To be that spotless?  To be READY for a wedding? 

Yes, this is a romantic thought and a very real possibility!  

In contrary, the Hebraic teaching of the TUMULD says that an eclipse is nothing to celebrate but a warning to the Gentiles. The eclipse passed directly over America, could be a possible warning?    

This time period of ELUL is also when Jesus/Yeshua went to the desert to draw closer to God and many still to this day go away to the 'mountain top' to seek His face.  (Remember Jesus is Jewish so he would have observed ELUL)


1 Peter 2:21 (Complete Jewish Bible)

'21 Indeed, this is what you were called to; because the Messiah too suffered, on your behalf, leaving an example so that you should follow in his steps.


IF we, you and I, are followers of Yeshua/Jesus Christ then certainly we should imitate and follow him in these steps!   We are to imitate HIM in ALL things.    

BIG QUESTION:  IF that was a sign from God (A proposal perhaps) How are YOU going to answer HIM?  IF it was a warning how would you prepare? 




As I close this piece I am reminded of the Virgins waiting for the groom.   Are you ready?  Does your lamp have oil?  Don't wait.. maybe we are in that time period now! 


and then .. My Plans were TURNED UPSIDE DOWN!


and then .. My Plans were TURNED UPSIDE DOWN!

.. I was working on tickets to that "Hotter then Hell" destination, again but something kept me from booking the tickets again!   Then I became distracted by Judith and her family as they had arrived from Germany for a short visit. 

We enjoyed time together for the next couple of days walking through the Old City of Jerusalem. I shared with them some of my new artwork and things I was working on but spent a great deal of time just enjoying each other.    As they were preparing to leave her Dad reached across the table and said "We have something for you."  He put $300E in my hand.  "We just want to thank you for all that you have done and do!"   I was speechless! 

"Come visit us! Our doors are always open!"  I smiled and replied "be careful what you ask for!" Little did I know that a few days later my plans would be totally changed for the "HOTTER THEN HELL" location due to  .. reasons that were out of our control.  I needed to get out of Israel and needed to go someplace.    I shared with Judith and Mia my problem and they both said "COME TO GERMANY!"  

I promptly purchased a ticket with the money that Klaus had given me as a gift... packed with a heart full of expectancy and WHAT THE HECK LORD??  

My plans had been flipped but I knew it was God's hand and His divine move on my behalf.   Europe here I come!!!! Paint brushes, notebooks, no expectations except to be surrounded with Mia, Ben, Judith, Konrad, a few others and their families  AND A MINISTRY in COLOGNE opened their doors wide to me !!!     It seems that the Lord had prepared a place for me to rest my head ... and to minister in small wonderful ways .. and to LEARN!!! LEARN !! LEARN !!! 

Learn??  Learn about the Jews, Germany and Nazi's ..  about Martin Luther and reformation of the church ... and HE GIVES ME REVELATION of REVELATION ....  More of that later!!! 

Hotter then Hell?  Nope, but cool and rainy Europe and ... ANSWERED PRAYERS !!! BIG ANSWERED PRAYERS! 


Obedience is a Lotta Scarey!


Obedience is a Lotta Scarey!

Have you ever wondered.. "What does obedience look like?  What does obedience in each step look like?  What does obedience in the face of lack look like?"   I have a lot of those stories lately and in every case God holds my hand and walks me through it, that is, as LONG AS I AM WILLING and WANT TOO. 

I want too! 

Let me paint you a picture.  I am sitting at my table with a cup of fresh mint tea.  Looking at airfare to a destination that is probably as "HOT AS HELL" maybe that's an exaggeration but 125Degrees is pretty hot in my book!   I found a suitable ticket but didn't press 'send'.    I took a deep breath and started into a monologue with the Lord.. talking at Him and not necessarily too Him.     OH GOD!  You know my needs.  My roomie left and I have have this huge burden of rent for the next several months and I need to travel!!!   UGH ... 

I walk away from the computer and come back determined to find a 'roomie' and I open an app and a page on Facebook to place and ad.  I heard a soft "NO" resound in my spirit.  I looked around the room as my custom, and said "really?" .. I heard "no' again in my spirit.   I go to the Bible and say, ok .. I need more of a word from you.  So I open my study for the day and it basically said, LISTEN TO THE LORD!   I relented and said "OK LORD I won't look for a roomie but this stresses me out and I need you to MOVE quickly on my behalf!! " 

Literally within a few days I get a message from a stranger.  One of my friends that I've done missionary work with in Mexico for years had given her my name.   We started a discussion about Israel.  She asked for help with a few odds and ends and I gave her as much information as I could.  All along I was thinking ... OHHH I'd LOVE to rent her my home while I am gone - but she has children and my landlords live next door and it's a quiet neighborhood!    So I let the idea go. 

We spoke again a few days later and I asked, so what are you looking for in accommodations?   She then went onto explain a "Wish List" ..   as she did it took my breath away.  You see, she was describing my apartment!    I asked her if she would be interested if my landlord okay'd it.   She shouted a resounding "YES!" .

I tentatively approached my landlord that night expecting a big ol NO .. but he said 'Sure, why not?".   I called my new bestie and said, "YES, it will work!"  She asked to made a deposit into my account instead of bringing cash.  I agreed. 

Fast forward... I only was going to charge her a small fee... but what she deposited was enough to cover my rent while I was traveling.. and it gave me the time that the Lord was requiring of me to paint prior to leaving and quiet time.  

I called her and asked, did you make a mistake?  She said "NO, my husband and I clearly heard God say that we needed to pay this amount.  We believe God needs your mind resting and not worried about finances as you go do what HE has called you to do" 

I got off the FaceTime with her and fell into a heap on the floor .. you see this is the beginning of a new relationship with God for me.  

NEW?  Yes, a new type of intimacy that I've never had with Him before.  The relationship for me is not Him as FATHER or God .. but of one that is really intimate where HE HOLDS me and HOLDS my hand and holds my heart and my fears and my dreams in HIS Hand as my 'Daddy'.  

It's as if I am a five year old girl with eyes full of wonder .   It's like I am innocent all over again and He looks at me and delights in my faith and in my obedience even when I am dragging my heels and whining.  

He knows me .. and HE is proud that even when I am scared.. I JUMP into HIS arms in the deep end of the pool .. 










I ready myself.. 
I ready myself and pick up the packages to be delivered. I ready myself.. I braid my short, blonde hair .. I ready myself. 

I grab my camera, my bag, my water, the gifts.. I ready myself... 

We are off... 

Off down winding streets full of children crossing... people wandering to their destinations before fasting ends.... Muslims... Not a christian in sight... it's Sunday... 

left turn, right turn, right turn and left.. a maze of streets and cars and ..random cats crossing.... 

Familiar ... familiar sign .. familiar turn .. I know we are almost there ... I ready myself.. 

I ready myself to see the small children.. bombard me as I come through the door in hopes of ... chocolates and candies.. a hug and a smile..perhaps a toy .. perhaps to be remembered... 

I ready myself.. 

I ready myself for the teenagers and their wanting eyes scanning me for the latest pretty thing.. or my hair color or eyes ... they reach to touch my skin, my necklace, my shirt, my hair ..

I ready myself... 

for the quick exchange of arabic or Hebrew .. or listen to the low mumbles ... I ready myself to converse with them .. in a little exchange and we laugh ... 

I ready myself.. 
to hand out the few things we have .. the gifts of under clothes .. that shouldn't be gifts at all but necessities ..just because they are needed .. but here you see it is something special.. not a right of passage for a young woman .. but something pleaded for .. yearning hearts and growing bodies ... help me ....

I ready myself for the inevitable question .. do you remember me?? Can you take me with you? Can you take me to your home? 

I look at the little ones and I smile .. I look at the older faces turning 16, turning 17 .. and 

18 .. you are OUT THE DOOR, thrown into a world that a family is required to survive .. to thrive .. a culture that is made up of clans .... 

and you, my pretty one .. do not have one .... 

I pray .. I hold their hands, I stroke their hair..I carry the burden and lay it at the Lord's feet ... 

I leave ... 

I cry .. 

I pray .. 

I mourn... 

I pray .. 

I ask God.. knowing HE loves them more then I could imagine... and I celebrate HIS goodness even tho I don't understand it ... 

I ready myself.. to do it all again .. 

and again 

and again .. 

these faces .. are never forgotten ... 

So, I ready myself... and I put a smile on my face... and I ready myself.. for I am thrilled to see them....

So I ready myself and I 



President Donald Trump and a Visitation from Angels!


President Donald Trump and a Visitation from Angels!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu of Israel, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania left the Old City of Jerusalem within the past hour with their delegates and attendants in toe including all the helicopters that have been flying overhead all day. Then shortly after curfew was lifted my two surprise guests left .......

Angels unaware?  No .. but close!

It's 1856 or 6:56pm on May 22, 2017.  It's hazy with low cloud cover and dusk is starting to descend.  My home is peaceful and unusually quiet even tho there are the neighbors televisions playing and conversations going on everywhere and a random helicopter keeps circling.  Does that make sense... it's physically loud, yet there is a peace I don't comprehend.

Let me back up .... I've had an amazing lady living with me for a few weeks.  Shirley is a vibrant volunteer for Christ Church.  She left yesterday to go home.  I put her in the taxi, picked up my clean linens .. and as I walked home told God:  "I don't want to be home alone, locked in during the Presidential visit for hours and God....I am scared about making rent without a roomie. I need you to hear me! "

I came in and put the linens down and started to cry when my  my phone alerted me to a message.  Nina from Christ Church (where I had just walked from) was letting me know there were two Ukrainian women from Portland in the museum looking for me.  They are the aunts of Shulamita (a young woman who lived with me for a while).  "Come here, they are waiting." 

I walk quickly to the museum and stand in the doorway looking at two women chatting... and one stares at me and asks "are you Mary Kristi?"  I said "yes"... and before you know it I have two complete strangers that I didn't know were coming for a visit following me to my apartment with luggage clacking down the ancient Jerusalem stone lined streets. 

My thought process:  THANKG GOD I HAVE CLEAN LINENS!  My second thought:  They are Shulamita's family, which make them my family .. which means I need to host them (southern hospitality).  Third thought:  What the HECK ARE YOU DOING LETTING STRANGERS INTO YOUR HOME?  Final thought:  GOD, is this you??   .....................................  (silence).

They are hurried because the city is closing down due to the arrival of President Trump and they have a few things they need.  LUNCH, shopping, Kotel (Western Wall to pray).  They fall asleep and miss church and only wake for a brief moment from all of the fireworks were lighting up the night sky for Jerusalem Day! 

The next morning we get up make a big breakfast and start to pray.  They prayed over me and anointed me with oil.  They told me stories .. and then we prayed more... more for Jerusalem and for the President Trump and then they napped.  I prepared lunch and watched Trump on the livestream ... 

We eat ... laugh .. joke.. I pray and nap ... 

I get up just past 5pm.  The curfew has lifted and they are ready to leave to go back to Telaviv....  

They said we have a small gift for you ... and laid some money on the table...  $400.00.   You see that was nothing but a miracle to me...  NOTHING BUT A MIRACLE... 

NOTHING BUT A MIRACLE - there was a young lady that was going to move in with me and at the last minute could not so I was worried.. how is rent going to be paid God?? HOW??  


They left as quickly as they had arrived... 

YET they left me feeling well loved by Abba God...  they left me knowing I am on the right track... they left me encouraged and a PEACE that Passeth all understanding floods my soul!!!! 

I MAY NOT KNOW HOW each month rent will be paid... but GOD does ... 

HE may have been silent when I prayed but HE clearly went BEFORE ME to prepare a miracle... I was NOT ALONE and HE PROVIDED! 




 Mr. President Donald Trump and 50 year CELEBRATION of Jerusalem -and DON'T go NEAR A WINDOW

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Mr. President Donald Trump and 50 year CELEBRATION of Jerusalem -and DON'T go NEAR A WINDOW

Coincidence?  I say not 

The Old City of Jerusalem is in the midst of hurriedness before the trump of Shabbat blasts later today and all work has to stop.  Preparations not only for weekly Shabbat but also preparations for two other events:  the arrival of Mr. President Donald Trump of the United States, and also the 50th Year Celebration of Jerusalem Day officially known as Yom Yerushalayim. (remember 50)

First of all, what is Yom Yerushalayim?  It is an Israeli national holiday commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem and the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City in the aftermath of the June 1967 Six-Day War.  Basically the recapturing of the capital from the hands of the Palestinians. 

So the Israelis celebrate and the Palestinians mourn and fast this day.   This is a precarious time for many in the land that love both people.  May I remind you at this point (For God so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten son that whomsoever believe in HIM would not perish.  John 3:16)

Let me paint you a picture of what it looks like just outside of my door.  I live just a few feet away from  Jaffa Gate and just a kilometer or so from King David Hotel where President Trump will be staying just outside of the Old City of Jerusalem.   

There are tens of thousands of troops and security amassing from all over Israel within the city limits. Secret service from both Israel and the United States.  Barricades are being delivered and some are already being set into position.   The King David Hotel is being emptied of guests and occupied by dignitaries and security.  Every inch of the building is swept continually by dogs and crews to ensure safety of the President of the United States and dignitaries. 

Outside and inside of Jaffa Gate there are preparations for the arrival of The President of the United States and also Jerusalem Day.   

Prime Minister Benjamin (BB) Netanyahu will be in attendance of both events along with dignitaries from all over the world.  

In preparation for Jerusalem Day Celbration - Stages are being set up with speakers that are so large they can be heard miles away.  A massive work is underway - scaffolding, lights, cameras, risers and stands to name a few are being constructed. There will be performances and light shows and all types of  parties throughout the city.  Israelis know how to party, this is one truth I know!!! 

With all the anticipation and excitement happening there is an ominous side.  A side that most in the western world would not even begin to comprehend.   Strangers lurking on rooftops, guns and weapons being carried by almost everyone that passes.  Thousands of security and secret agents.  Dogs sniffing for bombs and the streets lined with taxi cabs and Arabs being randomly pulled over and checked for identification.  YOU have to understand that the OLD CITY IS SMALL ... and this area is SMALL, so the intensity is almost overwhelming!   

Then we are told... that Sunday afternoon things are going to be shut down, all stores, all movement will cease to stop by the evening in the Old City and area surrounding King David Hotel.  No coming and no going in and out of the Old City. Quiet will descend... ominous ...  because a CURFEW will be enforced. 

Curfew, sounds easy enough .. but this is unlike any I've heard of for the arrival of a dignitary. "This type of curfew is much like that which was held during the Intifada" (says the locals reminiscing ) "where people were shut in  sometimes for days without the availability to exit their home for emergency or food."  This curfew, however, is just for 8 - 12 hours hopefully.

We here in the Old City near Jaffa Gate have been told all stores will be closed and the heavy metal gates will be pulled tight on them.  The homes, hotels etc have been told to stay away from the windows, rooftops and streets.  NO GOING OUT.   IF you are SEEN looking from a window at anytime YOU WILL BE SHOT DEAD with no questions asked. 


As you can imagine many of the locals are packing up and exiting the Old City come Saturday night and not returning until all of this is over, even the celebration of Jerusalem Day because getting in and around the city will be almost impossible!  Even more impossible to come back to their own homes.  Many have lived through the Intifada and do not want to experience the curfew again or even the possibility of more danger.

"THIS is unprecidented - even when the POPE arrived the security was not like this - - the difference is that President Donald Trump has bounties on his head as many want him dead." said a local. 

Mr. President Trump will be leaving the city BEFORE the 50 year celebration begins - WISE MOVE!  He is not showing partiality between the Arab/Palestinian and the Jew/Iseali.  HE will not be making an announcement either in regards to moving the EMBASSY to Jerusalem officially at this time. (That alone would have cause an uprising).


50 years ... has a special meaning...  The YEAR OF JUBILEE for the city and  ... ALL OF THIS HAPPENS also during the COUNTING OF THE OMER as we approach the DAY OF PENTECOST (Shauvot).. Which is a festival of the GIVING AND RECEIVING of the TORAH and FIRST FRUITS.    This is climaxed with the time of Ramadan when 100,000 Muslim descend on Jerusalem to take residence at the Temple Mount and pray and fast for 30 days. 


I say not.  Strategic?  I say yes!    

1) There are no coincidences in the Torah / Bible (Word of God)


The Jubilee (Hebrew יובל yūḇāl) year is the year at the end of seven cycles of shmita (Sabbatical years), and according to Biblical regulations had a special impact on the ownership and management of land in the Land of Israel; there is some debate whether it was the 49th year (the last year of seven sabbatical cycles, referred to as the Sabbath's Sabbath), or whether it was the following (50th) year. Jubilee deals largely with land, property, and property rights. According to Leviticus, slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven, and the mercies of God would be particularly manifest. Leviticus 25:8-13 states:

You shall count off seven Sabbaths of years, seven times seven years; and there shall be to you the days of seven Sabbaths of years, even forty-nine years. Then you shall sound the loud trumpet on the tenth day of the seventh month. On the Day of Atonement you shall sound the trumpet throughout all your land. You shall make the fiftieth year holy, and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee to you; and each of you shall return to his own property, and each of you shall return to his family. That fiftieth year shall be a jubilee to you. In it you shall not sow, neither reap that which grows of itself, nor gather from the undressed vines. For it is a jubilee; it shall be holy to you. You shall eat of its increase out of the field. In this Year of Jubilee each of you shall return to his property. (WEB)


  • First Fruit - Who is the first fruit in the Bible?   
English Standard Version
"But each in his own order: Christ the firstfruits, then at his coming those who belong to Christ." 1 Corinthians 15:23
  • What is the Torah?  It is the first 5 books of the Bible/The Word of God. 
  • Who is the WORD?  
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1:1
YESHUA / Jesus Christ of Nazareth

So we are in a time of the Israelis unknowingly prophesying over themselves the "FIRST FRUIT" and RECEIVING AND ACCEPTING THE WORD/YESHUA Jesus Christ 


This is a prophetic, important time in HISTORY!   Jubilee talks about the land (think Temple Mount  area).  President Donald Trump is here and his son in law together are the most powerful, strategic negotiators in the world presumably.   His son in law, a cabal believing Jew (pushes for the Temple to be rebuilt).

Could Mr. President Donald Trump coming in the time of JUBILEE for the City of Jerusalem but not attending the celebration show that he is walking a line between the Palestinians and the Israeli's.. the beginning of new Peace talks and possibly the negotiations for building a new Temple? 

New Temple.... 

Sounds exciting right?? Let me remind you the Temple is not built for Yeshua.  He already came!  The Temple is being built and will be used for the anti-Christ, the expected and awaited Messiah of the Jewish people.....   

final, final thought ..... 


Be watchful and prayerful my friends!!! 



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What if?  What if HE called you BACK ....


What if? What if HE called you BACK ....

I stopped in the reception area of Christ Church to have the front desk call a guest, "Pastor Jim" to let him know I had arrived for our 4:00pm appointment and that I would meet him in the garden along with my friend Debra. 

I went to the garden and was pleased to see the two of them sitting together already underneath the shade of the umbrellas. 

I laughed and said, "So, not middle eastern to be here already!" 

I sat down and smoothed out my shirt and looked at Pastor and asked, "So, how did the meeting go this morning for you?" and he excitedly shared and thanked me for setting him up and giving a recommendation.    I reminded him that he had one more meeting to attend before making up his mind!   He agreed but I'm pretty sure he had made up his mind at this point and was only placating me and understanding it is about relationship building here in this land. 

He quickly turned the questions back on me.  Asked me about my heart and what I would like to share.  Share I did.  At one point I turned to him and asked him to pray over me.  I chuckled as I told him about a few times I had asked people to prophecy over me and the answer was always "You hear me and speak to me you don't need prophecy over you." ...  I was expecting as much but there has been something on my heart that I know I've heard from the Lord but just needed much confirmation. 

He said, "Do you know about casting lots?"  I said, "vaguely".   He went on to tell me that he uses a number generator and basically asks the Lord to help him by giving him a book, chapter... and then he trusts He speaks through that. 

"Sounds good to me, go ahead"

He turned on the app and then the book number came up that was in correlation with JONAH.. (generally not a good or easy book)... and he looked at me over the top of his glasses and smirked.   Then he asked for the chapter.  Chapter 3.   I sighed.. but held my breath as he read aloud to Debra and I. 

“Then the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time, saying, 2 “Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and call out against it the message that I tell you.” 3 So Jonah arose and went to Nineveh, according to the word of the Lord.”

I sat breathless and tears filled my eyes.  It's something that has been on my heart a long time.  Three years in fact to go to Irbil, Iraq otherwise the land of Ninevah, to see a little girl named Roween and her mother Yvette.  Then the Lord quicken my heart to go for other reasons, namely prayer. 

Then today, I sat working on my computer and the thought of Thalassemia came to my mind.  My family is carriers of this genetic malformation.  Only passed down from generation to generation and in the area of Iraq is the very seat of where this malformation could have started.

Could it be.... I know it may be far fetched.. but could it be that somewhere down my genetic line my family came from the Assyrian people of Iraq area?    Maybe it is why I am pulled to the things that I am pulled too.   The land and the history pull your heart.. or could it just be that as a Child of God.. that HE is leading me to harder pastures to love on His children both near and far? 

Am I willing?  YES ... 

Will I go?  Yes... 

Has HE spoken to me?  In so many ways .. in so many ways...  how can I say no? 

What if, I am being called back to where it all began for my family?  




MYSTERY SOLVED?  and US planes to fly in Air Force Exercises this week in Israel!


MYSTERY SOLVED? and US planes to fly in Air Force Exercises this week in Israel!

Excerpt from "Ballet Dancers, the Hairy Toe" and a CONTINUATION and FOLLOW UP!     

"Susanne and I sat down (the beautiful ballerina)... and we are sipping on a cold drink... and a rumble started to approach.  I raised my eyebrow and cocking my head to the side.  Familiar sound.... two airplanes .. military planes were flying over head.   Then two more.  I looked at Susanne and she said "that's not good huh?".   I said "Probably not."    

Then ... a low, low, low rumble and a low flying aircraft flew over us .. again I looked at Susanne and this time I said "It's huge, and fully loaded.  It's a carrier.  I bet we will hear of a bombing run within the next 12 to 24 hours".   Then two more jets followed. 

Shortly after we prayed.. because our hearts were unsettled... 

Within hours we heard that the US dropped a bomb.. the MOAB in Afghanistan.  A ten ton bomb. It makes sense that they could have used the Israeli airspace to fly low to save fuel and to be secure.  Could it have been .... that it flew over our head? "


I was in a shop in the Old City of Jerusalem.   There were several Americans looking for items to take home.  They looked oddly familiar.. the typical military, defense, cocky kind of fellows. 

I listened to them boast back and forth for a while and then asked them what they were here doing.  "This and that" the short and boastful one replied first. 

A second man chimed in "We are here working on a project." 

"Can I guess what it is?" I asked.   

"Sure, give it a shot" said a third man standing in the corner amused and curious. 

"I'd say .... hmmmm... your here with the American Consolate or your... ummm.. involved in the airspace industry?"   They all stopped and turned and looked at me.  The shop owner said "You know airplanes were her business!" 

As conversation rolled on I shared with them my experience from a week or so ago... and one of  them looked at me very serious and said "I'm not going to tell you that you are wrong." 

These men were here because they are running the f-35 program.  The newest craft to join the fleets here in Israel. 

Also.. Did you know.. that soon the US planes will fly in Israeli Air Force exercises this WEEK!!! 

Very, very, very interesting to me...... 

KEEP your eyes up .. be watchful .. and discern! 




Am I REALLY ALONE ... and He said..


Am I REALLY ALONE ... and He said..

She sat isolated in her room feeling a loneliness no one could even understand, or would they?   If only she could share her life altering decision.. but she could not.  She sat in silence, looking at the people as they milled about her.  Is she one?  Is he one?  I must be the only one! 

She accepted Yeshua/Jesus a few years back.  Excited to share but she kept silent.  You see she is an Israeli Jew and it's unheard of to say that you believe that Yeshua is the Messiah!  In fact, it's so rare it is .05% of the Jewish population proclaim HIM as their Messiah.   That is 1 in 2000 people. 

Now, do you understand in part her isolation?  Let's talk a little more .. why would she feel isolated.  In her culture it is taboo.  You could lose you home, your job, friends and family for such a declaration .... 


She prayed.. and God met her in her silence.  Yeshua was faithful to her and Holy Spirit sustained her and taught her as she sought truth.  "I will not leave you nor forsake you", she repeated over and over again. 

She was like a plant that had been starving, repotted and fed... light shone upon her.  Her religious background and education married her new found faith, coupled together it all made sense and was clear.. HE TRULY IS THE MESSIAH !  How could anyone deny the fact?   

She grew ... she grew.. and she grew.... 

Now, a tall, strong tree planted firmly by the living water her life is now tested... tested beyond anything anyone, anyplace could imagine..... 

She lays in a hospital bed several months after a horrific car accident.  A four inch hole still in her abdomen.  Weeks after waking from a comma and dreams of satan coming to her showing her how full hell is .... with those she thought were believers.  "WIDE IS THE ROAD, NARROW IS THE GATE and FEW will enter in" she whispers to me as I stand by her bedside. 

He, Satan tried to show me that I would be there .. and I struggled to set myself free and I said "NO!" ... and I left the place.  

"PLEASE, PLEASE.. continue what you do Mary Kristi .. PLEASE, PLEASE ... Wide is the road, narrow is the gate .. few ... FIND THE FEW".  She looked away and recomposed herself and again returned her giant smile to her face.  She throws her arms into the air and praises Yeshua. 

Her mom and dad enter the room.  She smiles and says, "This is my Father and Mother.  They just accepted Yeshua while I was in a comma.  They thought I was dead but I am alive!  Alive in Yeshua."

Pray for my dear friend as she still is in the hospital ... and pray for those that surround her and minister to her ....