... I had not been to a doctor in years and I mean years.  

It was either too expensive in the United States and well,  I had put it off for so many other reasons as well.         FEAR..             Fear of bad news so I had decided that it was best just to pretend that everything was and would be ok. 

UNTIL .. Until I went to Armenia and my dear, sweet, translator and sister LJ grabbed me by the hand and said "While you are here you are going to the doctor!  It's cheaper here and YOU need to take care of yourself - if you won't we will".. or something close to that! 

I kept trying to put it off but she was adamant.

We became very busy in the weeks ahead and I thought wow, maybe I got out of this.. maybe she forgot!?   But no...she never forgets! 

One early morning LJ informed me of the doctors appointment scheduled for that day at a local clinic where a friend and exceptional Doctor is on staff.  They drew blood, lots of blood... then they took me into a room with a few screens up where people just sort of would randomly walking in.  No privacy. 

I  lay there partially undressed on the examination bed with the Doctor and LJ  translating for me .. AKWARD is the only way I can explain it all ...  

After the exam was finishing up another patient came into the room and was speaking with the doctor.  I was dressing and  LJ came back behind the curtain where I was standing and informed me "there is a lady wanting prayer from you". 

She was in her mid 40's and she has never been able to become pregnant.  She has every medical procedure done yet, nothing. She had lost all hope.  

I came out and she stood there.. the look of all hope gone from her face.  

She spoke some English so LJ translated and we prayed as a team. 

I have to admit that I was afraid.. afraid to give her false hope.  Afraid to pray the wrong thing and allow her heart to be broken even further.  YET,  I sought the LORD and just prayed what I heard the Lord putting on my heart.  Still my knees shook.  

We spoke to her body .. We commanded it to work as the world of GOD said it should .. We spoke to specific body parts.. as we prayed we covered her husband in prayer. 

I asked her if I could hug her and just asked God for love to pour out of me into her.. and it did!  I looked at her and held her face in my hands and said "I can't wait to hear the good report!" 

Several weeks later I received a call ... and my sweet LJ said "I have news from the doctor".  OF COURSE, I thought it was a delayed test result for myself..  she laughed at me and quickly said "NO"... "YOUR fit as a 20something!" ..  she went onto say ..... "DO you remember the woman we prayed for?  She came back to the doctor and thought she was going through menopause.  Well, she's not, she's PREGNANT and it shows that the baby was conceived shortly after we prayed for her". 


I praise God for the FRUIT of her Womb.. but I also praise God that even tho I was afraid and even tho I didn't want to pray that day I allowed God to use me and that HE went before me and after me and did a miracle.!! 

A miracle for the parents and a miracle for showing up and showing off once more for me .. to show me his faithfulness in miracles .. and HIS faithfulness in using even me ..broken and flawed..