This time last year I had returned to Jerusalem from a time of intense ministering in the Galilee area.  I went to Christ Church to sit in the back garden to just be still and quiet.  As I sat there two ladies asked if they could join me.  

We struck up a conversation .. and I was slow to share about where I had been and what I had been doing - but slowly, I gave them the name of the group I had been working with that week, ( Revival in Galilee).  I shared about the little children that I had grown to love, the widows, the Muslim families I adore.

We exchanged information and they asked that I take some money to RIG her grandchildren had donated.   I said "yes".... little did I know that ...........

ONE YEAR LATER .. I would run into these same two ladies almost in the same identical spot, THE GARDEN!

They had come back to Israel and gone to RIG to minister and to meet the orphans themselves!!   What a blessing! 

THEY asked me that day if I could meet some women from Tel Aviv and Haifa area ... that needed to be loved on, prayed over and ministered too.  Jewish women, Jewish Christians to be exact.

THIS started a great flood of something unexpected and precious.  As one meeting, led to another and yet to another testimonies have started to flood in.   Below is one such testimony.  

What is so amazing to me is that these women are Israeli, new Christian converts who are  seeking Yeshua/Jesus for the first time or seeking an ever increasing depth in Jesus! 

Somehow in this vast world.. God connected us.  In this vast land he brings them all the way to Jerusalem over an hour away from where they live .. to seek HIS face and HIS freedom. 

We are the GARDEN GIRLS - and my little home is a place to water, grow and harvest!  Thankful for this little safe place.  "Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?" ....  my answer... IN ABUNDANCE! 


"I just wanted to thank you and send you a short testimony. 

When you prayed with me, indeed something broke inside and it was as if the 18 wheeler that had been sitting on my soul was lifted and thrown by a Heavenly crane!!! You said "look at me!" and it was like you saw it happen... I was sexually assaulted when I was 9 and I never told ANYONE about it until I came to Israel. I didn't mean to ever breathe a word of it-it just came out at a prayer time with some sisters in faith! Then all those memories came back with all the guilt and shame, lots of guilt and shame! almost crushing me. I had a pretty wild life before I came to faith in Our Messiah, but I still had this compelling draw from the inside to continue in a life of pleasure and sin. Because I found no work here despite many interviews, I even considered prostituting myself... It was heavy on my mind, but then in prayer, I told Abba, 

"You brought me here! You have to take care of me!!!" And He has! And is! He is so faithful! Hallelujah! I knew Yeshua died for my sins and I didn't want to "step on that", but only parts of me felt "new". I remember even as a kid in school going to the bathroom and having these fantasies and would sometimes act on them. 

I had no idea where they (demons) came from through the years, but when I was released from all of that (the night you prayed), I almost heard it scream! It wasn't from me and it didn't belong to me! I think it cried because it had to go back to hell... boo hoo. 

But immediately in that huge vacuum there came joy! Abundant joy! And I truly felt clean! All my pieces and parts! Hallelujah! I think I told you that I smiled all the way back to Holon! And for the next weeks after when the tempter came, I would just remember that joy that flooded my soul and smile at him. ;) Indeed we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and our testimony! I've shared this with a few sisters here, but wanted to share it with you as well. Keep up the good work, sister! There are many of us out there that need fervent prayer and deliverance! 

And we are praying for you as well! Continued blessings in abundance to you and your ministering! Much love, warrior princess! 👑🏰

salud! skol! l'chaim! narok! mao! nastrovia!