This past week Israel was riddled with fires that seemed to know no boundary of reason or logic.  

During the fires, close to 75,000 were displaced from homes for at least 24 hours.  Close to 600 homes were burned to the ground and more sustained various degrees of damage.  Miles and miles of beautiful forest have been destroyed.  It's  estimated it would take about 30 years for these areas to rejuvenate. 

There were about 100 wounded - mostly from smoke inhalation. 

Several countries sent help of special planes and pilots, including Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, and the U.S.  Several teams of Palestinian firefighters from Judea and Samaria joined the effort to extinguish the flames and save property and lives.

Tonight, we are expecting the first rain storm of the season, and it couldn't have come at a better time.  The dry, burnt ground will soak up the water and begin its healing process.  Our aquifers, lakes and rivers are in desperate need of replenishing... we sure do welcome the rain!

I bought RAIN BOOTS! 

I purchased them in anticipation of God's physical rain - but also I purchased them because I AM ANTICIPATING GOD TO MOVE ON MY BEHALF in a few areas! 

YOU see lack ... lack is the same as drought on the land.  LACK in life - makes you do and HOLD ONTO money and possessions in a way that you will never experience fullness in life and JOY.  

So I made a purchase.. a simple purchase to show I do not live in lack.. and that I expect an abundance of rain in the physical and the spiritual. 

Things have changed for me financially recently.  An income that I could count on for the last few years was suddenly gone.  

YET, YET ... YET ......... as I walked in the feeling of drought in my finances - and I BATTLED to keep positive and eyes on the Lord - all of a sudden a little rain cloud appeared on the horizon (1 Kings 18: 41-46). GOD, HIMSELF was encouraging me and little drips of finances started to pour into my account.. small and inconsistent - yet by the end of the month - A MIRACLE HAD AMASSED ITSELF - - A MIRACLE that the little drops of money like rain turned into the EXACT amount of money that had been DRIED UP the month before.


I may not be faithful all the time, I am not perfect .. yet God searches and knows my heart and my desire to be faithful with HIM and for HIM in all things.   HE is my faithful companion, Father, Husband, provider, healer and lawyer ...   HE is my everything...

I GIVE HIM PRAISE .. and I'm gonna buy an umbrella today!