The glamour of it all! 

I woke up early in the morning and dressed under the blankets because it's freezing in the flat.   My feet hit the ground straight into my fluffy slippers.  I scurried to the kitchen to put the kettle on to make a cup of rich arabic coffee. 

As the coffee steeped I turned music on, lit the oven to warm up the kitchen and filled the sink with water to do the dishes that someone had left behind that morning. 

I threw some bread into the oven to toast... flipped on the bathroom light and pulled back my hair.  Started to wash my face and had suds in my eyes and reached under the open sink fumbling for a washcloth.     Eyes closed I stuck the cloth under the water and lifted it to my face... removed one eye full of soap - then started to scrub my face.. apparently rather hard. 

I felt something move and go CRUNCH ... I stuck the cloth under the water and out falls a cockroach the size of my thumb... as in my whole thumb... with it's head broken off and wings kind of detached... the other wing and leg attached to my cheek. 

I danced.. I twisted and shouted under my breath ... OHHHHHHHHHHH 

OH the glamour of OLD City life...  it's far from glamorous, luxurious, lush, plush and fabulicious (unless your a cockroach) .. except for the one in the wash cloth?!  

YUP ....