Pesach, Passover is a time that the Jews celebrate their Exodus from slavery.   It is one of the most celebrated Jewish Holy Holidays.  Orthodox Easter also coincides with these dates which leads me to reflect. 

Reflect ... Reflect on the re-telling of the stories.  To testify of God's goodness and HIS Salvation from slavery.  To reflect on my personal testimonies and how HE has set me free from death .. but RENEWS me to a NEW LIFE IN HIM, THRU HIM  to LIVE FOR HIM. 

This past week I have been serving in the Galilee.  I see a hunger for truth, for freedom from the black magic that encompasses this area.  A hunger for love, acceptance and hope.  I see people come from miles around just to sit in our presence asking questions about a God who loves, about a man who is God's son and gave himself to pay for their sins.  The son of God, Yeshua who came to set them free! 

It might seem unbelievable.. to tell a story where a wealthy family calls for us to come for a visit.  She, a beautiful lawyer with a beautiful family.. living in a perfect home or so it seems.

I had been praying earlier in the week as I painted. As I laid the image onto paper I kept hearing Beauty for Ashes .. and that is what I named the painting.  A balcony with a single chair... lavished in flowers - a personal garden.  WAITING on someone to come and sit.   Little did I know that the beautiful lawyer had just lost her father a week prior.  Little did I know that as I painted and prayed this would be a gift that I gave to her - and she would say "it speaks to me about my father".  

God is so good to us in the little things and big things!  HE loves her so much he prepared a special gift for her.  A little painting then she asked for the big things ... to PRAY.for freedom and healing for her family.  For them to be set totally free from the black magic spells that had been cast over them... for more healing.  She asked ...  

One by one I prayed.  One by one the Lord gave me scripture and words to share.  Then as it grew close to 10pm they asked us to go with them to another family members home.  We did. 

We were greeted with many new faces.  They asked that we pray.  We did.  As we prayed a sense of stark evil hit me in the hallway.  My head started to pound.  I became physically sick at my stomach.  I looked at the group I was with and they were sensing the same thing .. we kept praying and walked into the bedroom.  INTENSE .. it became more intense.. I prayed and as I prayed the Lord showed me a few things that I shared with the owners of the home.  They confirmed what I was seeing.  We all prayed (including the lawyer and her family.. in the name of YESHUA).  Then Speero pointed towards a wall and said there is black magic there.. take the bed away from the wall.  

THERE ... there in the floor against the wall was a small, small something....  I moved closer to look... it was the size of a SMALL 1/2 leggo.  Speero said "Don't touch it".  One of the family members picked it up.  TAPE .. they removed layer after layer of tape from the tiny package.  It finally opened up and on a small piece of paper was Arabic writing with a curse over the family.  DEATH.  BLACK MAGIC.  The note was rolled around a small piece of tissue that had blood on it.. and hair.  The hair of the owners of the home.  They took the items and started to burn them.. THEY wouldn't burn ... but we prayed and they finally fell onto the plate in ashes. 

PEACE .. peace filled the house, the children settled.  The family quickly started to gather food and start the grill outside.  CELEBRATE FREEDOM!   Still rattled and in shock they marveled at this GOD we serve.  They marveled at how HE would talk to us.  HOW?  WHY? 

We shared that HE loves them.  We shared that HE gave HIS life for them, their sin, their freedom. We shared that HIS desire is to talk to all of us, to fellowship with us all. 

So a part of my testimony today is that GOD shows up and shows off... that HE is still in the business of setting people free from their EGYPT, from their slavery.. from their despair, pain and anguish. 

You might think this story is strange.. but it is common on a daily basis to be called to come.  To be asked to minister to at least 20 people a day.. and cast out demons or break black magic spells.   

IT IS NOT UNCOMMON to see peoples heart turn towards JESUS as love and freedom are lavished on them. 

MY testimony points back to ABBA, Yeshua, Holy Spirit ... you see.. I am just HIS CHILD .. and it is all done in HIS name for HIS GLORY ...   our desire is to do what we see the Father do .. and to imitate HIM... 



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