and then there was this one time....

So many stories to tell.  I often lose track, or they fall into some crack only to resurface again at the most inconvenient time, which of course I don't write them down!  Why?  

I meet the most unusual people and there are moments I'm asked to join a journey for some reason or another.   There are times that adventures and misadventures abound! . Colorful people on colorful quests crossing my path.  

One Sunday evening I was passing a favorite spot and a friend yelled from inside that he wanted to introduce me to someone.   He made quick introductions and the gentleman laughed and said "Kristi!! How are you?"  You see, I had met this gentleman a few times before in the Old City.   He laughed and said "I am unimpressed by how unimpressed you are by me!"  I chuckled.  His friend sitting across from me and said, " She has a good discernment for bullcrap!."  

Story teller!  Dressed like Indiana Jones and shoes covered in mud. Starts to weave a tale as tall as Paul Bunyan.  He shared a little about his newest project as a crew of people came into the shop... camera men, a lawyer, a doctor, a retired millionaire massage therapist from Google named Bonnie  that is a seminary graduate and now his assistant and a couple other people. Entourage.

We sat and laughed and he asked if I'd like to tag along on the adventure.  Go to the City of David and into areas most do not go.  Go to meet some professors and top archaeologists.  Go into a tomb that was open and see what we could see.   The list of tasks went on and on .. and I said ... "Sure, why not? just as long as my friend Shannon can tag along". 

Tag along we did... walked for miles in the hot sun.  Listened as stories were told and information was being dug up.  Watching peoples faces as he shared his theory - and ideas and reasons and hypothesis of why ...... 

On film, off film, in sun and out.  Drinks, food and more stories.

Adventure and Bible lessons and walking places most will never go. Seeing things most will never see.

Modern day Indiana Jones that's always up for me to join in the adventures he is in town...  YUP, this one time when Bob Cornuke came into town to find the location of the HOLY TEMPLE. 

Here is a video clip of a larger project that was on Discovery Channel... regardless if you agree or disagree with him.  It's fun to watch his brain work.  

'Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.'     Jeremiah 33:3

Just a little about Bob:

"Bob has appeared on National Geographic Channel, CBS, NBC's Dateline, Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, History Channel and Ripley's Believe It or Not. He has authored six books and traveled across Afghanistan during U.S. bombing strikes on a video and photographic assignment.  Bob is currently the President of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (BASE) Institute located in Colorado Springs, CO. He also serves as special advisor for the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools and was invited by the President's staff to conduct a Bible study for White House personnel."  taken from Base Institute website.