On the heels of hearing about the Turkish Coup attempt, Armenia's headlines announce that armed men had seized the local police station and had taken an unknown amount of hostages.  That Sunday afternoon we heard that the police chief had been killed and three officers had been wounded.  I say 'we', because I sat in the kitchen of a friend's home just a mile away from the police station.

Media reported two sides... the sides of those that had taken over the police station and the side of the authorities.   It was interesting for me to sit, listen and learn from the locals who in many cases agreed with those that had overtaken the police station. 

Armenian news agencies reported that the armed men were demanding the release of Jirair Sefilian, an opposition leader and former military commander who was arrested in June. 

"Supporters of Jirair Sefilian have always said they would launch an armed uprising to get rid of the current authorities. His organisation maintains that this is an illegitimate government that came to power through flawed elections and is holding on to power against the will of the people," she added. (Aljazerra News)

"Among their demands is the resignation of President Serzh Sargsyan and the release of all political prisoners in Armenia. (Aljazerra News)

Armenia, one of the oldest countries in the world with a recorded history of over 3,500 years. The first Christian state religion in the world declared by King Trdat III in 301 AD. The descendants of Noah, a fact that is hard to ignore considering that Mt. Ararat is visible from all vantage points within the country.

Hardship after hardship has happened to this beautiful country, one of which was the Genocide where more then 1.5 million Christians died at the hands of the Turks. 

So, this country of Armenia..it's rich and tragic history.. and the now " pressing against" the government has been coming to a head over the last few days here.  Injustices are the cry of the common people to an unfair government.  

After 2 weeks of holding the police station captive and after giving up their hostages and having their own casualties "the guys" laid down their weapons and surrendered.   Two weeks of violence, death, threats, drones, military helicopters and clashes of thousands of civilians and the law often resulting in injury, death or being hauled off to jail resounded in the local media. 

The evening quiets .... but as the sun arose this morning there was a physical shaking.. an EARTHQUAKE. 

After the earthquake  I felt like the Lord was reminding me that even tho "these men" surrendered  there would be an even greater shaking to occur that would shake his people awake.  

Could it be that the spiritual state of Armenia and her people need to be shaken awake for a revival in the spirit?  Could it be that the earthquake is a manifestation in the physical for what God is about to do in the spiritual? 

A christian nation that is steeped in history, pain, legalism in their religion... could it be that they need their chains to be released so that they can go and minister to the Muslim countries that flank three of their sides? Their mortal enemies.

Could this be the reason that the enemy has so very systematically tried to destroy them from the beginning of their history?  Could it be that Armenia could hold a key to the middle east and revival? 

COUP ... failed Coup in Turkey ...we know Turkey's desire once again is to become a Caliphate.. a country that is ruled by Islam and Islamic ideas, the same as the "Young Turks"  who committed Genocide against Armenia 101 years ago.  ISIS today is the very same group that were once called the "Young Turks" with the very same goal.. to rid the world of Christians and signs of Christianity.

Pray for Armenia and that they wake and seek a deeper relationship with the Lord.  That they follow HIS small voice in what He is calling them to do individually and collectively. 

Could it be .. that the LORD wants the world to realize who Armenia is and her role in the world... and for the rest of the world to wake up and pray for Armenia?

Could it be... that Armenia and her beautiful heritage of being a Christian country.. be a key to Revival in the Middle East?  Bringing Revival and forgiveness to her neighbors that have persecuted her to the point of almost complete annihilation?  

Would you, be able too? 

Maybe this will be one of the greatest stories of victory for the Armenian people... to light a flame, to boldly go, to forgive the unforgivable and share the hope of Glory only found in the KING OF KINGS ... Yeshua.

Could there be a SHAKING GOING ON?