55 years of ONGOING prayer meetings!

A cold, grey, February morning Ronda and I entered into the Presbyterian church parking lot.  We walked quickly to the door and rang the bell.  The latch clicked and we entered.  Greeted by a staff member she showed us where the group was preparing to meet for their weekly prayer meeting.

A large room that looked like a banquet hall with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.  Towards one side was a large alcove with a couple of couches flanked by arm chairs and a fire place.  There sat a couple of people.   Ronda and I were warmly greeted as guests of honor for the day. 

Sylvia, 96 years young, Edna 90 and several others over the age of 50 form the 'core group of Warriors'.  They have been gathering weekly together for more than 55 years to pray for missionaries and REVIVAL in Hamilton, Ohio!    

Well dressed in tailored jackets and polished shoes. Pressed, manicured, perfectly coiffed hair.  Make-up and smiles that brightened any room!  Laughter, intelligent, thought out Bible study led by "Bill" much like a general would lay out a plan of battle and attack.   People taking notes and chiming in with words of agreeance.  

I was impressed with their youth!  I was impressed with their fire!  I was impressed with their fervency of prayer!  I was impressed by their scripted prayers to battle almost all situations and their heart to Glorify their Lord God!   

Little did I know that I stepped into a TRUE WAR ROOM, honestly, a WAR ROOM.

A room of SUPER HEROS .... a group that goes into the courts of heaven on behalf of  missionaries, pastors and those serving daily out on the field.  These are those that are the true front line.  I'm positive they have a direct line to the courtroom of heaven.  I am sure I felt the presence of God.  I am sure that I could have sat for hours and listened to testimony after testimony of God's faithfulness and generous grace and goodness!  

For a brief moment we stood to stretch after a couple of hours of studying and praying ...  " J..E..S..U..S" was cheered across the room as they bent from their waist moving their arms in a giant wave!  A CHEER!!!  LOUDER they encouraged each other "SHOUT!" .. "J..E..S..U..S" .. and someone said "OH there is a funeral upstairs, we need to be careful" another chimes in "We could raise the dead!"    I smiled at their contagious attitudes.  One of the ladies looked at me and said "we need to do that, we get stiff if we sit too long!"

They continued on .. praying over me and Ronda and blessing us, encouraging us to keep on and to continue the road the Lord has us one.  They prophesied over us and loved us well.  AFTER THREE hours Ronda and I snuck out and they continued praying! 

OH the wealth of knowledge and love in that room!  The wealth of pressing into the Lord and travailing over the world, the United States and Israel.  Oh the wealth of knowledge in accessing the throne room of heaven!! The sheer amount of SPIRITUAL WEALTH and experience that encompasses this group of Warriors! 

OH TO BE FAITHFUL like these warriors !!  

I am humbled.. I am blessed. I have a new LIFE  goal and that is to be as fiery at 70, 90, 100 as these people are! 

DANGEROUS .. these people are Super Hero's .. dangerous to the plan of the enemy!  They meet not only once a week for 3 hours at a time, but many meet other days of the week and pray God's will down seeking HIS KINGDOM to reign on earth!!!

Warriors!   I'm blessed they have made a covenant to continue to pray for me.  I feel strengthened and well "loved" by them.  It's a whole new arsenal in my belt!! 


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(stock photo - not actual photo of the group)



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