I landed in Tel Aviv.  Always nervous if they will allow me in?  Why you ask?  Israel is exceptional about keeping people out, even those who love her... her arms are extended in welcome and at her gates she turns people away?!  

Yes!  Isn't that how even some of us women are?   Let me tell you a story that started 5 years ago, here in Israel.   The first time I was here I was with Calvary Chapel Bible College as a seminary student.  I met a young woman named Mia.  We became quick friends through our studies and prayer and in life as foreigners so often do! 

One evening after much studying and service we were curled up on a couch on the top floor of the Imperial Inn.  We were tired.  She reclined in my lap and looked up at me as I stroked her hair.  She said "I had a dream last night - I'm pretty sure that God showed me my husband!" .. I implored, "so, tell me!".   She went onto say that she saw herself standing on the beach at sunset as a young man came out of the water.  He was carrying a surfboard.  He was tall, at least taller then her and he was thin.  He had red hair.  She said "I know that he is my husband"   We both prayed for our husbands "to be" that night and continued to pray for them from that point on. 

Several days later we were on a "walk about" with our friend and film producer, Mark.  We passed a double gated metal door.  Mia slowed down and pointed at the doors.  "Kristi is always wanting to know what is back there, she is drawn to those doors and that place."  Mark looked at me and said "Let's knock, they are my friends."  ...  I was so excited because for weeks every time we would pass I would stop and touch the doors and say "I need in there!" 

The doors opened and there stood before us a young man covered in construction dust.  Nafora was under refurbishment...  The owner Raed, let us in and walked us to the back garden.  Even tho it was a mess Mia and I stood there and started to build our dreams!  Fountains flanked by the Old City Walls of Jerusalem ... lights, plants ... open air and the moonlit sky above us and the Tower of David just beyond the walls.   Beautiful, magical.   We could see ourselves dancing with our husbands on our wedding night...   We painted the night of our future dreams of future weddings and we stored those thoughts and dreams in our hearts. 

Three years later Mia and I both return to Israel... for Easter.  We went on the silent walk on Thursday night with Christ Church.  Mia in a sweatshirt with a hoodie pulled tightly around her face.  Quiet...  seeking the Lord.  We were some distance apart and I noticed a young man looking at her.  He walked towards her and started to introduce himself and she shot a look that I'm sure cut him to the core ... "It's a SILENT WALK!" she quipped at him, and he excused himself and slowed his pace as she hurried on. 

The next day she asked me if I saw him.. I replied "Yes".  "He was handsome, do you think he is upset because I was rude?" she asked nervously..    "I don't think so, go to church and find out, his name is Ben and he is a volunteer there."   So, for several days, Mia dressed up paying attention to every detail just to go to the coffee shop in hopes he would come talk to her.  She'd curl her long hair, put her RayBan glasses on top of her head.  She'd pull her black scarf around her shoulders looking like something from a fashion magazine.   Day after day she'd come back, disappointed.  He never noticed her!  Finally, I couldn't take it anymore.  When she tossed her backpack to the couch and said "HE DOESN'T even look at me!" ... I said "grab your backpack, let's go back to the coffee shop!" 

We sat underneath my favorite lemon three.  While sipping coffee she noticed him coming out of the kitchen.  It was a hot day and he looked tired and overworked and carrying a busing tray.  I looked at him and yelled across the courtyard and said "Excuse me, can you come here" .. being an on task German he looked frustrated at the request but was gracious enough to come over.  "HI!  You were on the silent walk Thursday night and you spoke to a girl, remember?" .. He hesitated, turned red and then started to apologize.  I stopped him and said "This is the girl, this is Mia and she couldn't talk to you the other night but she has plenty of time now!  Why don't you invite her to coffee".   He looked at her shocked.  I am pretty sure he didn't know under the sweatshirt and hoodie pulled tight was this stunning creature.  He said "You would?" .. She became nervous and fidgeted .. and said "YES!"  

A quick two weeks watching them start to know each other ... we all prayed that if it was of God it would work out...  

God had plans for them to grow ..independently .. so they stopped communicating after a few months.   

Then... one day a year or so later Ben called me and said '"Mom, I'm coming to Israel, will you be there? I want to pray and fast for Mia.  I can't stop thinking of her". 

He came, he prayed and fasted and he felt he was supposed to pursue her again.  At the same time I am listening to Mia.  She had called  and was sharing with me that all of a sudden she was having dreams of Benjamin again .. and couldn't stop thinking of him!  ...      I asked Ben if I could tell her he was there with me.  We took a selfie and sent it to her and soon, once again they were back together.. then engaged... 

Fast forward to this past Easter 2017 ... Mia and Ben were in Jerusalem once again surrounded with friends from all over the world.. She walked down the aisle at Christ Church ... and then we danced under the stars at Nafoura .. the very place where we invisioned our weddings five years earlier. 

Did I mention that Ben is a red headed surfer and he is taller than Mia and he is thin.   He was the man in her dream. 

Let this give you hope... it does me ... 

I'm NEXT! 

Mia and her new husband Ben.  Rather dreamy right?   Her dream come true, literally

Mia and her new husband Ben.  Rather dreamy right?   Her dream come true, literally

Mia and I when we were students with Calvary Chapel Bible College .. 5 years ago.   This is right around the time she had the dream of her 'red headed husband'.