Excerpt from "Ballet Dancers, the Hairy Toe" and a CONTINUATION and FOLLOW UP!     

"Susanne and I sat down (the beautiful ballerina)... and we are sipping on a cold drink... and a rumble started to approach.  I raised my eyebrow and cocking my head to the side.  Familiar sound.... two airplanes .. military planes were flying over head.   Then two more.  I looked at Susanne and she said "that's not good huh?".   I said "Probably not."    

Then ... a low, low, low rumble and a low flying aircraft flew over us .. again I looked at Susanne and this time I said "It's huge, and fully loaded.  It's a carrier.  I bet we will hear of a bombing run within the next 12 to 24 hours".   Then two more jets followed. 

Shortly after we prayed.. because our hearts were unsettled... 

Within hours we heard that the US dropped a bomb.. the MOAB in Afghanistan.  A ten ton bomb. It makes sense that they could have used the Israeli airspace to fly low to save fuel and to be secure.  Could it have been .... that it flew over our head? "


I was in a shop in the Old City of Jerusalem.   There were several Americans looking for items to take home.  They looked oddly familiar.. the typical military, defense, cocky kind of fellows. 

I listened to them boast back and forth for a while and then asked them what they were here doing.  "This and that" the short and boastful one replied first. 

A second man chimed in "We are here working on a project." 

"Can I guess what it is?" I asked.   

"Sure, give it a shot" said a third man standing in the corner amused and curious. 

"I'd say .... hmmmm... your here with the American Consolate or your... ummm.. involved in the airspace industry?"   They all stopped and turned and looked at me.  The shop owner said "You know airplanes were her business!" 

As conversation rolled on I shared with them my experience from a week or so ago... and one of  them looked at me very serious and said "I'm not going to tell you that you are wrong." 

These men were here because they are running the f-35 program.  The newest craft to join the fleets here in Israel. 

Also.. Did you know.. that soon the US planes will fly in Israeli Air Force exercises this WEEK!!! 

Very, very, very interesting to me...... 

KEEP your eyes up .. be watchful .. and discern!