May 23rd -  I woke up at 330am to pray .. and I look at my phone and there are messages from Ryan, Heidi and many more from other time zones....   I turn the phone over and snuggle back into my pillow to capture a few more hours of sleep.

My phone dings again and I turn it over and there was a PayPal notice from 'Fernando'.  Fernando?? Who is Fernando?   I open it up and this name I do not  recognize had deposited $100.00 into my PayPal account. 

You see this is all part of a miracle for me... MIRACLE...  So this is a testimony!!!   

I am watching God show up and Show off!!!  

Last night after two 'angels' came to stay with me at my home and gave me a gift of money boldly asked God.. "where is the rest coming from?"  Assured in my heart that HE always hears my prayers I let the worry go as I fell asleep.  I remember muttering "God, please allow me to feel YOU hold me so I could sleep soundly tonight."  

AND HE did!     

Then this morning another $100.00 came in miraculously!!  It may not seem a big deal to you and it was far from meeting a 'total need', yet it met the BIGGEST NEED I had in that moment and that was 1) God heard me 2) God encouraged me that He heard me and I felt overwhelmingly loved! 

Back to Fernando, it happens I did know him.  I had met Fernando in person once before for just a few moments at a church I attended.  I wrote to him to THANK HIM and ask him 'why?'.    He promptly answered the email and said, "God woke me up in the middle of the night and I saw your face and I knew that meant I needed to send you something, so I did!"    I told him a little of my story and told him thank you for his obedience because it was a part of my CONTINUAL lesson in learning to trust God in all things!   

So today.... resting my heart into HIM  and going about what I am called to do!!! Knowing that as I do my part God will show up and show off as my 'husband', provider, father and GOD of all!! 

WOW, MIRACLE ...  I cry ... not because I'm scared but because I am humbled... so very humbled... and in HOLY AWE of GOD! 

Thanks for all that pray for me in this journey and the two that read my blog!