She sat isolated in her room feeling a loneliness no one could even understand, or would they?   If only she could share her life altering decision.. but she could not.  She sat in silence, looking at the people as they milled about her.  Is she one?  Is he one?  I must be the only one! 

She accepted Yeshua/Jesus a few years back.  Excited to share but she kept silent.  You see she is an Israeli Jew and it's unheard of to say that you believe that Yeshua is the Messiah!  In fact, it's so rare it is .05% of the Jewish population proclaim HIM as their Messiah.   That is 1 in 2000 people. 

Now, do you understand in part her isolation?  Let's talk a little more .. why would she feel isolated.  In her culture it is taboo.  You could lose you home, your job, friends and family for such a declaration .... 


She prayed.. and God met her in her silence.  Yeshua was faithful to her and Holy Spirit sustained her and taught her as she sought truth.  "I will not leave you nor forsake you", she repeated over and over again. 

She was like a plant that had been starving, repotted and fed... light shone upon her.  Her religious background and education married her new found faith, coupled together it all made sense and was clear.. HE TRULY IS THE MESSIAH !  How could anyone deny the fact?   

She grew ... she grew.. and she grew.... 

Now, a tall, strong tree planted firmly by the living water her life is now tested... tested beyond anything anyone, anyplace could imagine..... 

She lays in a hospital bed several months after a horrific car accident.  A four inch hole still in her abdomen.  Weeks after waking from a comma and dreams of satan coming to her showing her how full hell is .... with those she thought were believers.  "WIDE IS THE ROAD, NARROW IS THE GATE and FEW will enter in" she whispers to me as I stand by her bedside. 

He, Satan tried to show me that I would be there .. and I struggled to set myself free and I said "NO!" ... and I left the place.  

"PLEASE, PLEASE.. continue what you do Mary Kristi .. PLEASE, PLEASE ... Wide is the road, narrow is the gate .. few ... FIND THE FEW".  She looked away and recomposed herself and again returned her giant smile to her face.  She throws her arms into the air and praises Yeshua. 

Her mom and dad enter the room.  She smiles and says, "This is my Father and Mother.  They just accepted Yeshua while I was in a comma.  They thought I was dead but I am alive!  Alive in Yeshua."

Pray for my dear friend as she still is in the hospital ... and pray for those that surround her and minister to her ....