.. I was working on tickets to that "Hotter then Hell" destination, again but something kept me from booking the tickets again!   Then I became distracted by Judith and her family as they had arrived from Germany for a short visit. 

We enjoyed time together for the next couple of days walking through the Old City of Jerusalem. I shared with them some of my new artwork and things I was working on but spent a great deal of time just enjoying each other.    As they were preparing to leave her Dad reached across the table and said "We have something for you."  He put $300E in my hand.  "We just want to thank you for all that you have done and do!"   I was speechless! 

"Come visit us! Our doors are always open!"  I smiled and replied "be careful what you ask for!" Little did I know that a few days later my plans would be totally changed for the "HOTTER THEN HELL" location due to  .. reasons that were out of our control.  I needed to get out of Israel and needed to go someplace.    I shared with Judith and Mia my problem and they both said "COME TO GERMANY!"  

I promptly purchased a ticket with the money that Klaus had given me as a gift... packed with a heart full of expectancy and WHAT THE HECK LORD??  

My plans had been flipped but I knew it was God's hand and His divine move on my behalf.   Europe here I come!!!! Paint brushes, notebooks, no expectations except to be surrounded with Mia, Ben, Judith, Konrad, a few others and their families  AND A MINISTRY in COLOGNE opened their doors wide to me !!!     It seems that the Lord had prepared a place for me to rest my head ... and to minister in small wonderful ways .. and to LEARN!!! LEARN !! LEARN !!! 

Learn??  Learn about the Jews, Germany and Nazi's ..  about Martin Luther and reformation of the church ... and HE GIVES ME REVELATION of REVELATION ....  More of that later!!! 

Hotter then Hell?  Nope, but cool and rainy Europe and ... ANSWERED PRAYERS !!! BIG ANSWERED PRAYERS!