Wedding Rings and hearing the Words "MY BELOVED"

I am still very much single but truly in love and satisfied in the life that the Lord has me in at this moment, even tho it is scarier then HECK 90% of the time! 

Wedding Rings?  Yes! As the Great American Eclipse starts to subside there is a burst of light they call the Engagement Ring and boy it was lovely to see!     OK, so what does the ECLIPSE have to do with anything?   

Did you know that it also fell on the BEGINNING OF ELUL on the Jewish calendar?   Elul is the Time of PREPARATION of 30 days of Reflection,Remembrance and REPENTANCE of Sin as they prepare for the Fall FEASTS of TRUMPETS. (remember that and I will tie it all together) .

ELUL (time of repentance) is an acrostic that stands for:  "I am MY BELOVED's and SHE is MINE".  

HE (GOD) is coming back for a spotless bride!  COULD IT BE that last night was a proposal to the American- CHRISTIAN CHURCH to WAKE UP, reflect, remember and REPENT?  To be that spotless?  To be READY for a wedding? 

Yes, this is a romantic thought and a very real possibility!  

In contrary, the Hebraic teaching of the TUMULD says that an eclipse is nothing to celebrate but a warning to the Gentiles. The eclipse passed directly over America, could be a possible warning?    

This time period of ELUL is also when Jesus/Yeshua went to the desert to draw closer to God and many still to this day go away to the 'mountain top' to seek His face.  (Remember Jesus is Jewish so he would have observed ELUL)


1 Peter 2:21 (Complete Jewish Bible)

'21 Indeed, this is what you were called to; because the Messiah too suffered, on your behalf, leaving an example so that you should follow in his steps.


IF we, you and I, are followers of Yeshua/Jesus Christ then certainly we should imitate and follow him in these steps!   We are to imitate HIM in ALL things.    

BIG QUESTION:  IF that was a sign from God (A proposal perhaps) How are YOU going to answer HIM?  IF it was a warning how would you prepare? 




As I close this piece I am reminded of the Virgins waiting for the groom.   Are you ready?  Does your lamp have oil?  Don't wait.. maybe we are in that time period now!