"FINALLY, we get to take a shower!" and as they were herded outside of the gates into an area they had never been before, the shower house,... I am sure some could discern something was about to happen. Some were moved to the right ...beyond the trees along the perimeter of the camp ... others were taken inside into a room with no windows to prepare for the shower to strip from their clothes and the remaining dignity... A few stood immediately before furnaces that were blazing with fires. These furnaces were not meant to heat the water ... 

Gun shots went off in the distance but they hardly noticed ...because at the same time they were being told to strip ... then they noticed the soldiers hanging nooses on the hooks directly before the furnaces.

Then, told to stand upon the stool ... No use to struggle... too tired... the stool was kicked from below them. As soon as their body stopped twitching and death forcefully showered himself upon another victim, the body was removed and placed on the rack that was pushed into the fire.   

The soldiers work was not yet finished as bodies were piled up in the room just beyond the door... and bodies were being pulled in from the shooting range just beyond the trees... all in a days work.

Dauchau Concentration Camp - Germany 

Dauchau was the first of such places in Germany. It was meant for political dissidents - - people that had opinions other then those that agreed with the SS, Nazi Germany and Hitler. 

It later was also used for Jews. 

A MODEL of what would come in Poland. 

over 32000 died there ...