Beaten, Bruised and soul-less

I was walking thru the streets of Hamilton one chilly morning into late afternoon praying, watching and exploring.

 I found myself in front of the Presbyterian Church staring at a bronze statue of Jesus sitting with a child on His lap.   I was trying to remember the scripture reference... something like 'whoever receives this child in MY NAME'?  I couldn't remember. 

My thoughts were interrupted by a young woman walking towards me.  Her arms crossed in front of her chest trying to stay warm as she was barefoot and in shorts and light shirt.  As she approached I could see she had been beaten.  The remnants of a black eye.  Arms and legs covered with bruises.   I said "Hello and offered a smile".  

"Hi, I'm sorry but can I ask a favor of you?  May I use your phone I need to call my daddy to come get me."   

I HESITATED.   You see I've been phone-less for months and I had a new phone in my hand and thought she could possibly run away with it.  Then I felt a 'mothers guilt' and said "of course". 

I stood there and listened to her leave a voice mail.  She then called her mother to tell her she was out of jail. 


I drove her from Hamilton to Oxford.  I was able to share the love of Jesus with her, feed her, comfort her and just listen as she wanted to share her life experiences.

Before she got out of the car I led her in the prayer of Salvation to accept Jesus into her heart. Her face lite up!

She started to walk away but I stopped her. I held her hand as I slid my feet out of my new shoes and asked her to try them on.  They fit... and she smiled, wiped the tears from her eyes .. and walked away. 

IN THIS ... THE MIRACLES were for ME!  1) I was driving a car that someone had let me borrow.  2) I had money to purchase her food and put gas in the car!  3) I had NEW SHOES 4) God allowed me to be in the right place at the RIGHT TIME to LOVE on ONE OF HIS CHILDREN  ((right in front of the statue)). 

HE chose me .. and he chooses YOU to do the same thing!   Don't miss your miracle today - -