I lay upon my bed and toss and turn, picking up my well worn Bible and journal.  I turn the pages revisiting my scribbles that laden the pages much more like a puzzle then anything orderly.  Each scribble reminds me of a story, a moment, a person.   

Israel is on my mind and heart and I pray for those that I love there.  Recounting their names and their needs.  Praying asking the Lord exactly what to intercede for each person.  

A young woman that I barely know keeps coming to mind.  Each time I feel prompted to pray for her a new instrument.   I often wonder why? The instrument she has seems to be a nice one.. a good sound, pretty in her hand.  Yet the Lord presses me to pray for her something more, something exceptional something spectacular.  So I do.  I pray for her for "MORE THAN" she could ever ask for or possibly dream of! 

After several days I posted on FACEBOOK that I was looking for a violin for a 5th year student that lives in the Old City of Jerusalem.  I was requesting something nice, really nice!  Within an hour I had one person offer a beginner violin which wouldn't be suitable.  Then another hit on the thread!  A friend's cousin is friends with a violin maker named Paul.  It would be a long shot but Jessa was going to reach out and see if she could make a connection for me! She DID! 

Next thing I know I am speaking with Jan, the wife of the owner of "The Baroque Violin Shop".  She asked a few questions and I answered as best as I could.  She then invited me to come visit her husband, Paul, at the shop within the next couple of days.   She said that he'd be happy to find something for the young woman.  

Jan shared with me then that her husband, Paul, was suffering from stage 4 Renal cancer.  I asked if it would be okay with her and him if I prayed for him when I came to the shop.  She quickly replied "YES". 

I arrived two days later to The Baroque Violin Shop.  A beautiful historic home that had been refurbished with great care acted as a 'museum' and office space. Lovely wooden floors and hand stenciling on the walls was an exquisite backdrop for the instruments.  Attention to detail everywhere you looked!   

I was then escorted over to the actual shop where all the magic was happening.  After going thru bolted doors we found Paul tucked away in an area working on an instrument.  He said a quick "Hello" and cut to the chase asking to see a video of the young lady playing.   

He arose from his seat and walked to a back room where violins lined the wall.  Antique cabinets and chairs with instruments and music stands.  He shouts out to someone in the shop calling for a specific violin.  It was quickly brought into the room.  He selects a bow from the wall and begins to tune the instrument.  He plays something he must have played a thousand times... slowly then quickly.. high and low ...  He smiles as he looks into the camera "She speaks fast and quick, clear and beautiful" and he sets it down into a case that had been brought into the room.   He gathered a few other essentials and tucked them into the case.  Approximately $5500.00 worth of instrument.   

I was SPEECHLESS.  Literally! 

"This instrument will change her life", he says matter of factly.  He then opens another case and picks up a beautiful instrument.  "This is a Strata-various 1860".  He sits upon the chair and plays.  The sound deep and rich.  The music filled the room.  

Heaven, this must be the sound of heaven I thought. 

He took a deep breath and returned the instrument to it's cast and gently closed it.  I asked, "Can I pray for you?"   "Yes" he said and sat back down.   I prayed. 

He quickly gets up from his chair and dismisses himself but before he could turn to walk away from me I asked that awkward question. "May I have a hug?"   He turned towards me and hugged me and gave a gentle squeeze before he quickly turned and walked away.  

GONE. Quickly.  He gave me something that would change someones world then abrubptly  walked away as if it was 'nothing'. 

"This instrument will change her life." 

Just as I believed in an instrument for her I am going to believe in healing for Mr. Paul.  

I am forever thankful for his generosity. I am profoundly touched.  I am honored that God would allow me to be a small part of bringing two people together.  One with a need the other willing to fulfill it - never meeting.   

You see later I find out that the young woman has received the honor to represent Israel playing in Washington, DC in August.  God knew her need and her heart. 

Together, Mr. Paul and my dear sweet, young friend will partner in filling the heavens full of beautiful music. More then that the instrument will be used to worship God from the ancient city of Old Jerusalem.  

This is a miracle... 

Forever thankful! 

#The Baroque Violin Shop