I landed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for  a weekend of speaking engagements.   I received a text from the organizer of the events as soon as I turned on my phone.  Brenda was alerting me that someone was in the area to pick me up and would meet me at baggage claim.  A few minutes later I received a message from the family coming to pick me up.   "We are about 15 minutes away from the airport, we will see you soon!"  

I retrieved my baggage and in that moment  I receive another text from the young woman that was on her way to pick me up.  "I am sorry, but we seem to have a problem, our car is overheating and we've called a tow truck.  We are trying to find someone to come pick you up."  She was so very apologetic!  I assured her that I would be fine and it was no rush that I had things to work on.  Yet she was plainly worried that it could take a few hours for arrangements to be made!  Little did she know I am an expert airport dweller and hanging out in the little coffee shop in Sioux Falls, South Dakota didn't seem all that dangerous or daunting!  I calmed her anxiety telling her I'd be fine, not to worry! 

A few minutest later I receive a text from my friend Brenda.  She and her friend Kendra are hosting the women's meetings together.  Brenda informed me Kendra was in the HOSPITAL being checked for a heart problem and would be staying all night undergoing tests. 

A few hours later Brenda arrived in Sioux Falls to pick me up and take me to Sibley. She had closed her coffee shop early to come fetch me.  We throw my suitcases in the back of the truck and then I climb in.  She looks at me and asked if I had looked at the updated 'weather forecast'.  I said "No, no I haven't.  What's happening?". 

She looks at me with a grin on her face and said bluntly "Snowstorm" on Saturday the day of the big event.  There is a snowstorm!  Can you believe it?  First the car, then Kendra and now a snowstorm!"  We both laugh because we have always know that we can make plans but God will take a hold of them and do with them as HE wishes.  

We swing by Applebees and pick up the young family that had been enroute to pick me up.  Their car had been towed and they needed a ride back home! 

The trip was already full of Pushback!  We knew that because of the amount of pushback we were receiving it was indication we were headed towards an AMAZING WEEKEND full of God's plans and not ours! 

Brenda apologized that she had been so busy during the week and wanted to host me at her home.. but instead they were going to put me in an apartment above the coffee shop.  We walked up the stairs and I was so delighted! A big, bright kitchen with huge windows.  It flowed into a small living room.  A huge bathroom and two bedrooms.  The master bedroom has a big comfy bed!!  

I was so excited!!!  

The next day we started at 9:30am speaking with a group of women... and it rolled on to after lunch.  Then the ladies husbands and families started to arrive.  Before you know it the clock was blinking after 6:00pm!  Exhausted! But what an amazing day it had been! 

I took a bath and went to bed by 10pm.  Just before I closed my eyes I was alerted that the United States had bombed Syria with the aid of France and Britian.  I prayed and snuggled up on the most comfortable bed... and woke up shortly after to the sound of hail on the windows.. and the wind picking up.  

When I climbed out of bed a few hours later ice covered the windows giving the appearance of stained glass as the street lamps glow flickered thru.  I ran downstairs to see the snow picking up.  I received a call from Brenda.  "We are closing the coffee house for the day and the event is cancelled. What would you like to do?"    I knew exactly what I wanted to do... rest, read, sip coffee in an empty coffee house and prepare for Sunday!  

It seems that the local church has requested I come and preach Sunday morning!! This was not planned.  Then we moved the women's event to Sunday night and now it's become a 'family' event... because the guys in town want to join in. 

But right now in this very moment .. I am sitting in the most beautiful coffee house, The Lantern, and I am sipping hot tea and watching the snowstorm blow by the long narrow windows.  I sit at a long farm table near the back.  Loving each groan of the old building as the wind gusts.  Admiring the way the light dances on the exposed brick and the wood floors moan when you walk upon them.   The Lantern, a place where light glows from!! I am sure that this beautiful place fills those that come in full of good coffee, wonderful pastries and LOVE! 

I'm thankful for the people that God has put in my life and we are partnering in doing something AMAZING!

 I am also thankful that HE gives me things that completely delight me... like that ONE TIME I SPENT A SNOWSTORM IN A COFFEE SHOP ALLLLLLL ALONE PRETENDING I AM A BARISTA!