When I was a little girl everyone called me Kristi.  In fact, they did so from the time that I was born even tho my given name is Mary Kristi.   This never seemed to be a problem for my parents until I turned five years old and went to Kindergarten. 

I can vividly remember walking into the classroom with 20 or so other nervous little people.  Our names were called and we were shown to a seat.  At some point the teacher called out the name "MARY" .. I didn't budge.  She said the name several times.  Eventually she said my surname.  I raised my hand.  She said "Honey, go home and ask your parents your whole name because apparently you don't even know your name!".  This is how my love for school started.  


WHAT's in a name?  What's in your heritage?  These are places that strength comes from .. building blocks. 


I had a dream one night not too long ago.  I actually could see myself standing outside of the dream looking in.  I stood in the throne room of God.  It was huge and expansive.  LIGHT filled the open space.. and I could make out the bottom of what I knew to be a throne.  Insticintively knowing I was standing before God.  

I was small, so very small in His presence.  All I could see was light and the outline of the bottom of the throne.  I stood there looking up. 

I heard a booming voice say "What's your name?"  I replied, "Mary Kristi".  He said, "NO.  What's your name?"  Again I said, "Mary Kristi".  

"NO" he said for a second time.  "What's your name" He demanded".  

Agitated and becoming angry I yelled in defiance, "I AM Mary Kristi!" 

HE said, "YES!"  

He then asked, "What's my name?" 

I replied, "You are Abba Father, God Almighty, Jehovah, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty"

He said "YES, who am I in Exodus?" 

I could see myself looking up as if I were looking into file cabinets stored inside my head.  Patiently He waited.  I replied hesitantly not knowing for sure the answer ..shyly I replied "I AM, you are I AM in Exodus." 

He said, "YES!  You see you are marked with my name!  When you enter a room and you announce yourself as I AM MARY KRISTI, I go before you!  I AM the way maker, the chain breaker the great I AM! Demons have to flee, dead has to rise, eyes have to open because I AM goes before you! I AM goes behind you!  It is not YOU that does the miracles but it is I AM" 

I woke up from that dream knowing I had been in the throne room of God.  Knowing that the enemy from the time I was a child tried to destroy my identity! 

You see.. when we start to learn of our IDENTITY in CHRIST/Yeshua and we walk in the promises of God knowing that HE goes before US in all that we do and that we are HIS children we start to carry ourselves differently.  We start to believe that we can do what HE has called us to do because the power comes from the GREAT I AM who goes before us! 

I AM .. Mary Kristi 

Who are YOU?