This past Friday I walked to the market to do some last minute shopping prior to the vendors closing for Shabbat.  Several times it crossed my mind to purchase Challah bread so that we could open Shabbat with communion. I didn't.  

The sun started to set and Shabbat horns blew across Israel.  We sat down starved and ready to eat.  We didn't pray.. we didn't recognize Shabbat.. we just dug in and ate.  Part way thru the meal I noticed I hadn't lite the candles, this is customary for the woman of the home to do to welcome Father God into the home.  I had an aching feeling inside of me as Holy Spirit tried to talk to me encouraging me to open Shabbat properly from then on.  I brushed the thought to the side thinking it was just me guilting my christian self into doing something that wasn't my normal. 

Dinner progressed .. the thought of communion kept coming to mind.  Finally we finished and we cleared the table.  We stood outside on the small patio of the Old City of Jerusalem on the warm night.  The little area of town was silent.  My friend was preparing to go on a walk and we were standing there talking when suddenly... out of no where .. SOMETHING FELL STRAIGHT DOWN FROM THE SKY AND HIT ME ON THE HEAD AND BOUNCED TO THE GROUND! 

I looked in all directions. NO ONE was to be seen or heard.  I looked at Veronica and we bent down and picked the object up.  IT WAS A PIECE OF BREAD!  There is no way someone could have thrown a piece of bread the size of the palm of my hand at me and hit me... it's just too lite! 

Veronica turned to me and laughed.  She said, "WOW, when God wants to make a point with you HE SURELY makes it clear!  I guess we are having BREAD with next Shabbat!"  She shook her head as she walked out the door "I wouldn't believe it if I had not seen it myself, wallah!"

It is so very important for me to entertain and welcome Father God into my home on Shabbat.  To do it from Friday at dusk until Saturday at dusk per the Old Testament.  It was ordained and given by GOD and HE didn't change the day!! 

WELCOME HIM.. invite HIM into your home and to a place at your table.  PREPARE for HIM ..