a cool fall day. The leaves were whirling on the ground as they drifted from the tree tops. Dreaming God’s Dreams… and strolling thru the streets on a treasure hunt, for God’s treasures that have been hidden for oh so long!

Just weeks after landing back in Cincinnati I can count and recount miracles that have happened of provision and God’s lavish love towards me. Even tho I landed here with a carryon of belongings the things I needed quickly seem to effortlessly find their way to me.

Effortlessly, may seem like an understatement because I was believing, praying, looking, seeking, waiting and trying to calm my fears involved. But I digress… because I truly want to jump ahead in the story.

As I walked thru the streets of Hamilton I felt God’s heart quickening mine with each step. I boldly asked Him. “Lord, I want to dream your dreams that everyone else has shrunk back from.” “I want to dream things that you want birthed here.. I’ll partner with you in the doing!”

Something that day started to well up inside of me. Something unexplainable.. a feeling of anticipation. Feeling of something amazing was about to be given birth too.

A few weeks later, I was once again on a treasure hunt with God. I walked from one building to the next greeting people and loving on those around me. Engaging with those that seemed forgotten.. or lost. A gentleman pointed towards a building across the street… “There is a museum over there.. go in .. take a look. I think you will find it interesting it’s Free! ” He had me at ‘FREE”.

As I crossed the street …. I was excited. It was always a building I admired growing up. It was always mysterious to me. It always, strangely beckoned. Excited.. I crossed the street and looked up for the first time to notice the name on the building “Heritage Hall”. Quickly I heard Isiaha 53. “I’ve been cut off from the land of the living..” I quickly replied, “Yes God. Boy, that’s deep.” I continued on. I walked into the building and again I heard a small voice “It’s time to redeem My Heritage”.

An gentleman sat at a little table eating sandwich and the smell of the lunchmeat filled the air. “Hi there! Are you here to visit the museum?” I smiled and walked past him. Quickly going thru the small room of artwork of a local hero … I walked out. “Are you looking for something? Are you looking for an office space?”

“YES”. Shocked the word came out of my mouth. He pointed towards a long hallway. “Go down there… someone should help you. They can be rude but they should help you”

Unexpectantly and unexplainably I said “YES” to something way bigger then me. Something I never dreamt about or even had a desire for… but I guess this is how … it all starts.

With a YES.