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Are Dreams and cries of the heart .. PRAYER?


Are Dreams and cries of the heart .. PRAYER?

Have you ever allowed yourself to build dreams in your head and heart?   Big dreams, small dreams, aspirations of all kinds and sorts? 

I have!! I am a day dreamer and hope builder spurring myself onto a new tomorrow or a better today!  Some days I create businesses in my head and try to put them to paper.  Other days I build a home and fill it full of old treasures, new finds and beautiful art.   There is always a huge bathroom with a tub to soak in... and a giant kitchen to gather around the cooking island to tell stories, dance and sing as we prepare the evening meal.  

Then .. we fill the giant farm table with glorious food and the room is aglow with smiles and laughter. 

You see one of my dreams for myself was always to have a giant farm table,  something with history and character.  Something that I found and lovingly restored and refurbished back to a deepening beauty .. not of new but better! 

As you know. I am a bit of a sojourner and I find home wherever I am and fill it with whatever and  whomever the Lord allows.  Those dreams that I create in my head and heart never diminish or go unheard from God.  They are at times a cry from my heart for hearth and home... always associated with a SAFE PLACE to land for me and .. you. 

GOD HEARS those dreams and I think they move HIS heart.  In fact, I more often think now that all my heart is in CONSTANT COMMUNICATION with God.. and it is a form of Prayer.  IN fact, I know it is...  

First John 5:15 “And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him.”

Back to the table.  This summer I was in Germany and had the opportunity to stay with some amazing people that I love like family.  I found myself excited to go thru their Grannies barn and search for treasures!!! One treasure was a farm table... with a wonderful history all it's own!   Covered in dirt, dust and grim it somehow had avoided being sent to the dump or burned up.  Grannie is a no nonsense girl!  

Fast forward.. I had the opportunity to not only refurbish and refinish the table .. but to do several projects for the family.  

One night I went to bed exhausted... and well pleased at the days work and as I settled in for the night I realized I was lovingly refinishing the table.  Refinishing it the way I would for myself with great care and detail.   Praying over it and asking the Lord to fill it full of goodness and surround it with friends and family. 

It STRUCK ME then... that maybe this will be the only farm table I have the opportunity to refurbish.  Maybe this is MY DREAM coming true but for someone else? I became sad for a brief moment thinking maybe I will never have my own table with it's own stories.  Maybe, just maybe time in this life is short - - and God might have something totally different for me -- YET, YET .. HE had heard my cry for a sweet farm table to be a part of my own story. 

So here it is .. an answered prayer.  Not answered the way I had dreamed of (for myself) but answered nonetheless in a glorious way! 

HE loves me and heard my cry.  He loves me allowed me the experience. He loves me and allowed me to sit around the table filled with Mexican food.  He loves me and filled the table with laughter and stories ....  He loves me and allowed me to experience THANKSGIVING around the table in Germany in September!!