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Father for the Fatherless


Father for the Fatherless

DRAMATIC circumstances that would shock and rock anyone's world. A Father dies, a mother dies... no family left for so many reasons. Abandoned, left alone.. abused, tattered and shattered.

A small girl, a desolate little boy ... teeth have rotted out of his head... 10 years old - - they were his permanent teeth. He smiles anyway because YOU are smiling down at him.

You see, you learn to smile when someone strange comes into the orphanage because you are "in hope".. in hope that they will see you, notice you .. care about you. Give.

Little ORPHAN ANNIE ... and sparkling clothes and tap shoes .. songs being belted out and dances being performed... are not actually what an orphanage looks like.... yes there are moments where they sing or dance... but ...

BUT more often than not when you do art with them it is dark, broken .. depicting death, pain and hurt. The colors are sad, dark and foreboding...

YET there is something marvelous when they have consistent care in their lives .... consistent love .. consistently seeing that someone has their back and doing the best they can for them in these circumstances ...

I think about Revival in Galilee and all that they do.. all that they love... all that they give... and I know that for me it is such a blessing to be the hands and feet of YOU and of JESUS ... to love these little ones that are feeling hopeless. .. ..

IF you have questions .. and want to help in anyway .. please contact me or Speero directly .. for we surely need partners to bring a smile to so many little faces ...

Won't you allow God to be HOPE through YOU ?