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“Are you ready to allow God to consume you with His Holy Fire?”


“Are you ready to allow God to consume you with His Holy Fire?”

One of the  highlights from a recent conference was meeting brothers and sisters that are working and ministering to the persecuted church.  Hero's in the faith! 

Fabian is one such person.  Fabian was raised in a traditional Christian home.  In 1998 he had a very personal revelation of Jesus that was birthed  thru an all-consuming fire, a  fire that was ignited thru worship and prayer. 

During one such time of prayer Fabians heart was quickened .  He knew some way, somehow he was being called to the Muslims in the Mesopotamia area.  In 2011 while praying with a friend the lord imparted a vision, a blueprint to Fabian.  The blueprint started with a picture of a wheel.  The center of the wheel would be a House of Prayer and a training center.  The spokes would be reaching out and evangelism.  The rim of the wheel represented house churches.

2013 Fabian started to see his vision take shape and come to life.  He became painfully aware of a great exodus of the Christian church prior to  ISIS and now he states “ There is no one left that has not thought about leaving.  I have heard said’ “We have to leave, we have no hope.”   The Christian population in Iraq has now dropped from 1.5 million to less than 200 000 in the last 10 years.  Even pastors are leaving.  “The face of Christianity is changing rapidly in our area.”

Fabian shares how he was encouraged by Rick Ridings of Succat Hilell.  Rick shared a prophetic word with Fabian in regards to Isaiah 19 Highway and the altar of worship and prayer rising in North Iraq.  This prophetic word encouraged Fabian and his team to press deeper into the presence of the Lord.    

After a 50 hour continuous prayer and worship session the power and glory of God filled the sanctuary.  Things began to change dramatically and quickly.  Not only were there conversions but now training new believers to lead, disciple, be the church was in full force!  
Not only has the face of the church changed but now the names are changing as well.  Muhammad, Ahmed, and the once common muslem names are quickly becoming associated with the Christian churches and the rise of new converts. 

The more war rages, the more violence, fear and corruption take hold of the surrounding countries the more believers are laying their lives upon the alter of the Lord, allowing Him to consume them with God’s Holy Fire.   Fabian encourages us: “The fragrance from the fire must be released.  The fragrance from our burning hearts is the greatest evangelistic  that we have and carry.” 

Carrying the fragrance of the Lord upon them Fabian and his team venture into the refugee camps.  Mere men, broken and flawed… allowing the love of God to use them.   On one such day they were at a refugee camp where many people had been relocated from Nineveh.  They started to worship, crowds gathered.  They gave a short message about Jesus and his love and healing powers.   Men lined up to receive prayer and to take the team to their homes to pray for the sick within the tents.  Miracles started to happen.  Broken hearts were mended.
Fabian ministers to those who have lost their husbands, sons and son in laws to ISIS…  their children on deaths door… despair and hopelessness has become a way of life….  YET, thru the salt and light, love and mercy shown to the refugees by the “Followers of Christ”  peace settles into their tents as they turn their hearts to Jesus the Messiah. 

I watch his impassioned plea to the church to pray.  My heart is stirred to pursue the fire of God to consume all of me as a whole and not in part.  He urges us to pray for ISIS and a revelation of the One True God.  With eyes filled with tears he asks: “Are you ready to allow God to consume you with His Holy Fire?” 

Are we? 

Fabian and his lovely wife and children are in this together... living and serving among the people.  Prayers are always appreciated.  IF you would like more information please feel free to message!