Kelly Lenore Gipson-Tinsley  - my testimony

"This was one of the most amazing/humbling experiences! This painting literally tells the story of my life and captures the vision God gave me in the beginning of 2011 after calling me away to abide in the secret place. The vision - He showed me first a massive door being sealed shut with a blue flame against it's iron frame and descending into the abyss and then he revealed the most beautiful gate before me - behind it a beautiful garden with all things alive and breathtaking! He promised me that the door I had seen sealed shut was the door to my captivity - to return no more and that the gate before me would open into the Garden - my own personal Eden -the one that he had created for me right down to every detail. All of the life in it would respond to me as I entered into the gates! He promised me that I could abide there forever - that I would never have to leave once I entered. The beauty within was unbearable but my heart so longed to envelope it! I put my foot across the threshold and the awe and wonder toppled me backwards, confused - I stopped and I looked at the man standing next to me at the gate. He graciously offered me his hand and we stepped in together. My body was peaceful, now I could move with grace and ease! At once I was able to envelope the awe and wonder of the place set before me. He gripped my hand a little firmer and said "this is your place - this is your garden - the one that I have created for you - the place which I created you for - Everything here lives in response you and your presence which is in me - captivity is behind you forevermore and Mt. Zion lies ahead - Enter in!" My heart was full after that vision - it has kept me. I had told someone a few days prior to this painting experience with Mary Kristi that the Lord had given me a number of astounding visions and that I only wished I could paint them!!! Mary Kristi, Thank you for partnering with Holy Spirit to bring about the desire of my heart! May all who see this painting be touched by the wonder of his love, believe in his redemption of the broken and be covered in his protection and abide in his grace. I am humbled that he took the time to please my heart! Love you sweet sister! I am truly blessed to have met you!!!"