Glory to Glory

"It Speaks To Me"    my testimony by Tama Morales

"One day I got so depressed I wanted to just drive off the road. I thought no one would miss me, and those that would, would be better off. I guess I figured No one would miss me because in all the cry outs that I had tried people always responded with you have so much to live for, or why are you complaining, or what's wrong with you? They couldn't see my pain, they couldn't see my sadness, my problems, so maybe just maybe it wasn't worth trying to talk to anyone about anymore"

" I was a work in progress, this painting I looked at was me. It was like I was looking in a mirror. As I looked at it, it stares back at me. I wasn't necessarily happy or proud at what I saw, but I knew that I had to learn to love and embrace all Of what I saw if I was ever going to love all of myself. The not so pretty parts, as well As the pretty parts. And then the package came in the mail.... And To my surprise I thought the painting was a painting if ugly branches followed by beautiful full vibrant trees and branches... But NO. It had been Replaced by only beautiful vibrant fully blossomed, green, alive, and well, growing, prosperous. Bending with every breeze that comes it's way trees. Not breaking, whimpering, wintering, frail, but strong, and growing, and deeply planted and routed in the LORD. This was me. This wax who I was called to me. This was truly me,,,... And my name... Tamara... Means Palm Tree. So this painting speaks to me in more ways than one.... I now get the pleasure of walking past it every day and when I'm having a not so good day I can look at it and remember, I can touch it, I can say this is you Tamara. Thus is who you are. Remember who you are."